Google Ads Attribution Models: Which Is Right For Your Campaign?

Attribution models are the method used to measure the financial effectiveness of a communication channel and the impact it has on business objectives. Attribution models can be evaluated based on a wide variety of metrics: conversions, sales, earnings, impressions, clickthrough rates, and more.

The ultimate goal of attribution models is to understand which channels help you achieve your business objectives. Attribution is the key to success – by understanding what users are, you can use performance to increase profitability and reduce unnecessary costs.

What happens if you change the attribution model in Google Adwords?

To relax. All you need to do is log in to AdWords, edit the template for the correct conversion and save your settings. After that, the model will be updated and you will be detected immediately.


  • Last click: assigns the full credit to the customer’s last click. If an ad was in the beginning/middle, it would not receive credit.
  • First click: assigns all credit to the customer’s first click. If an ad was at the end/middle, it would not receive credit.
  • Linear: Knowing that credit is equal to all bribes. If there were four interactions in a conversion path that contained an ad, they would receive 0.25 of a conversion.
  • Time savings: Credit increases as the user approaches the conversion. The first point of contact receives less credit and the last one more.
  • On the spot: allocate 40% of the credit to the former, 40% to the latter, and a further 20% to all intermediate points of contact.
  • Data provided: Requires a minimum of 15,000 clicks and 600 conversions in 30 days. This model uses an algorithm to examine conversion data and grant credit.
  • Custom: Customize the above models (not data-driven) to achieve your goals. However, it is not available in the AdWords interface.

So, which attribution model should you choose on Google Adwords?

Do you have more than 15,000 clicks and 600 conversions per month in your account? Next, we recommend using the data-based model.

For all other accounts, we recommend using the location-based model as a starting point. As an agency, we only use the last or first click on rare occasions, so choose based on location so you can start your task better.