Forget B2B and B2C: It’s a B2P World Now

Once upon a time, there was a definition of whom you sell to track everything from the price and distribution of your products to marketing.

The starting point for a company’s strategy to go to the market was to determine whether it is a business for companies (B2B), a business for consumers (B2C), or a business for consumers (B2B2C).

You may have noticed that the past time is being used. Like almost everything in life, the company transformed the pandemic COVID-19, requiring us to reevaluate all types of systems we already use.

We work at home and live at work

Consider how quickly the pandemic broke down the barriers between “entrepreneur” and “housewife”. Working together in an office, space was created for homework and “zoom in” from the living room, extra bedroom, or kitchen table. The person who approves the purchase of the $ 100,000 business software is probably the same person who approves the same-day movie rental for his family. And he can do both in the same room at home, probably wearing the same comfortable clothes.

While it has always been the case that the right people are responsible for purchasing decisions, it was easier to clarify how we feel about those people: as a person who represents a company or as a consumer who represents himself or his family. And we treat these purchasing decisions differently.

With these ever-changing differences now, how do you navigate the new B2P world?

Don’t just change the tone, rewrite the song

“At the beginning of the pandemic, marketing messages appeared by mission or cause, according to a March 2020 survey by the IAB [Interactive Advertising Bureau], an article in The Drum reports.” But as the months go by and society divides into everything, from wearing masks to social justice, the buzzwords of #InThisTogether will not echo as at the beginning of the pandemic. ”

So, ignore passwords and research for yourself how you handle current customers, potential customers, partners, and colleagues. In other words, focus on people instead of their previous roles or images of what they imagined.

Find out what your customers want

As Liz Hayward of Amis writes, “Think from person to person instead of B2B. People want to connect on the block. Now is the time for marketers to delve into the minds of business experts to create content engineers who do the difference.” time to understand what’s needed and find solutions to those complex problems and daunting challenges your customers face. ”

Instead of wasting time inventing clever “phrases” about how much you care about your customers “in these difficult times”, find out what they really need from you. Have real conversations with them. Ask them questions. And listen – really listen – to what they say.

Only by listening carefully to the real and current needs of your customers can you devise new strategies to deal with the specific challenges that people face.

Sell   less, give more

And communicate in a true, strategic way and at a pace that makes sense to your audience.

Be real

“I think we are putting aside the concept of innovative leadership, which now looks like a pompous ambition,” continues Van Schaick. “We replaced it with help, usability, contact with people, something valuable for them, and entertainment. It is liberating for everyone in the communication game. Suddenly, it is good not to have a didactic “message” in all communications; it is enough to make it useful, empathic, or just plain fun.

In other words, aim at real people, alive and breathing. They are the ones who need your help now.