Five Ways to Use Video in Your Hiring Process

For marketers, the price of the virtues of video content is almost second nature. The multimedia format is a revolutionary part of our professional life.

A friendly solution is to use a video content management system or VCMS. The systems can excellently manage the content from creation to distribution and offer the possibility to insert, edit, search, execute, communicate and analyze everything in a central application.

Here are five ways in which a VCMS can help your company go beyond marketing.

  1. Easily train new employees

The video’s greatest potential, in addition to marketing efforts, is probably the creation of a training library. With a VCMS, department managers and training specialists can create a digital training lab. Training managers can create video content based on daily activities and the necessary skills that employees can see when they are hired. Managers can assign specific videos based on activities at a rate that optimizes material digestion.

Employees can view the content if time permits. They can also talk to other team members in the program about specific content issues. It is ideal for promoting an inclusive environment and integrating new jobs into your team.

  1. Cross-training and bed training

Do you have anxious colleagues who want to expand your capabilities? Perhaps young professionals are looking for professional growth?

With mobile access to a VCMS, users can watch instructional videos anywhere, anytime. This means that they can watch while sitting on the couch at home or waiting at the airport. Team members can explore the modules in their work or take an interest in external videos.

Employees interested in job openings in other departments can view the content of the video training before signing up. They can search for videos for certain key terms for skills associated with certain positions.

  1. Coaching works thousands of miles away

Managers who are always on the move, jumping from place to place, often wonder if employees are getting the leadership and growth they want. VCMS circumvents this concern and is ideal for executives who need to travel constantly or teams who work remotely.

Trainers can identify areas of growth for individual employees and assign video content based on those needs. They can talk within the VCMS, advise employees on the content and receive feedback to see how they improve. Most importantly, everything can be done at the desired pace on both sides using recording mechanisms.

  1. Interview before the interview

Anyone with experience in hiring in an organization can attest to how chaotic the whole process can be. Examine resumes and job forms, try to schedule conference calls according to each other’s schedule … and it all leads to an interview where both parties can decide in an instant that it will not be a good option. It happens, but when you watch a video with a VCMS, it happens less.

Watching videos offers the same experience as a face-to-face interview. Team members and candidates see and communicate directly. The difference is that the match fits everyone’s schedule through question-and-answer videos. Team members can comment and share comments on respondents’ responses to better believe that a candidate would be a good option.

  1. Recruiting and improving brand reputation

Recruitment is radically transformed thanks to VCMS technology. Recruits can now visit the company’s website and log in to a VCMS portal with guest privileges and explore relevant video content based on the corporate culture and roles required for the position. Managers can answer additional questions and answers to frequently asked questions can be added to the catalog to avoid repetition.

The whole process helps recruiters to get a better idea of   what your business is and serves as a way to promote your brand and corporate culture. Transparency is highly respected in brand management and, by providing an internal view of your corporate culture, you are sharing with the world how good it is to be part of your team.