Five Tips to Ace This Holiday Season with Search Ads

Shorter days and colder weather indicate the beginning of year-end sales and marketing campaigns at the end of the year.

Here are some tips to attract consumers and put the holidays to the test.

  1. Plan your budget based on a long shopping season

Holiday surveys increase each year in early October and continue throughout the holiday season. In October, the Bing Network registered just over 250,000 searches with the magic words “Black Friday”. Data from Microsoft’s search engine showed that three out of four consumers generally still buy after Cyber   Week and search volumes persist until the end of the year.

Therefore, I hope that you started your holiday campaigns in October to attract newbies and also help you influence the customer to buy subsequent cycles through remarketing.

  1. Personalize your messages with remarketing ads

Remarketing has been found to outperform non-marketing campaigns, especially during the holiday season. Bing data showed a 94% repeat conversion in November 2017 and in February 2018 the conversion was 87%. At the same time, remarketing for paid search ads led to a 44% increase in conversion rate.

To capture potential customers and people who have left their car, make sure that your website’s tagging is implemented as quickly as possible. These lists are extremely valuable and can be used at the end of the business remarketing season to promote purchases.

  1. Attract buyers with ad text delivery offers or ad extensions

With the advent of online shopping, shoppers are showing a curious tendency to search and buy products online, but pick them up at the store and vice versa.

A Shopify survey found that 69% of shoppers prefer to search online and buy in-store, a trend known as ‘brooming. 42% of sales at major retailers between December 18 and 25 come from buyers who buy online and withdraw from the store. Some buyers do not want to pay for a delivery, while others do not want to wait for delivery.

Add free shipping offers to your ad to entice those customers to buy your products. This will help convert customers who are reluctant to pay for shipping and prefer to visit stores to pick up their items.

  1. Adjust offer based on time and device during Cyber Week

Consumers are hoping for money savings on Black Friday; and when the price is right, they tend to spend a lot and take most of the holidays on the same day.

Bing data shows two trends: the expectation that Black Friday morning will have more activity and a peak during the Cyber   Monday journey.

Black Friday, from 7 am to 9 am, is the day/hour with the most clicks for mobile searches. It is expected that 40% of all online sales on Black Friday will come from mobile searches.

Thanksgiving Day and Cyber   Monday tell a different story. Cyber   Monday, from 4 pm to 5 pm, is the best day/time to click on your computer/tablet.

In total, 32% of the holiday’s online earnings in 2017 occurred between Thanksgiving and Cyber   Monday, highlighting the huge impact of the two days on retail.

  1. Save time by creating keyword lists

About 18% of monthly holiday surveys are new surveys. Interestingly, the issues of intent were greater during Cyber   Week and after Christmas, as buyers are probably looking for offers. Indicative searches increased especially after Cyber   Monday until Christmas.

It also uses dynamic search ads and broad matches to capture new searches this season.

* * *

Whichever product you are selling this holiday season, these five tips should help you stay out of the competition and become an expert in the market. Do not wait. Get ready for the holidays now.