Five Tips for Making Company-Culture Videos That Captivate Your Customer’s Hearts

In an unstable digital world, empathy with the customer is invaluable. In turn, companies that do not allow the public to explore their human side cannot build confidential and lasting relationships with potential customers.

Duplicate in a B2B environment – Customers like friendly faces that they can trust with the company they are doing business with.

As the best video companies can tell you, cultural videos from these companies are one of the most effective types of content you can use to promote empathy and win the hearts of your customers.

But – there is always a “but” – to have the desired effect on your video, you need to reach five major milestones. This article will introduce you all and discuss tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your corporate culture video.

  1. Determine your corporate identity (this is more than what you sell)

Your brand is more than the products and services you market. Sure, your audience may have heard of you for the first time through a product ad or a colleague’s review, but with a corporate culture video, they’ll know the values   that build your identity.

Many brands can sell the same product, but there are no two brands with the same values. This is also the reason why two corporate culture videos cannot be the same; your piece must be a unique version of your brand’s unique personality.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to list the most important values   in your corporate culture. For example, you can start big with “integrity” and “social responsibility” and then work on more specific goals related to your daily activities, such as “diversity in the workplace” and “fostering creativity and innovative ideas”.

  1. Use the power of narrative

You are probably asking yourself: how can your video convey abstract and universal values, such as integrity or social responsibility? The answer: through stories.

Storytelling is the oldest art form; has shaped the way we communicate since the beginning of time. There is a reason why we are attracted to the characters, the plot, and a three-part structure of beginning, middle, and end.

In your video, your company’s values   are represented by the people who work at your company and what you do. If you write the script with this in mind, your ideas will be in clear order and you will discover fascinating ways to tell your brand’s story.

It is also useful to think of the corporate culture video as an explanatory video: in your story, use relative characters (real employees in your case!) To create an emotional connection with your audience.

  1. Interview your company’s workers

No corporate culture video is complete without nurturing the people who do the work. These are the friendly faces that your audience will associate with your company and will prevent customers from seeing your brand as a faceless company.

List the most important questions you want to ask your employees, but also leave room for day-to-day conversations and open-ended questions. The best interviews don’t feel like an interrogation, so try to capture the natural flow of a conversation.

One more thing, using real people and not actors is an inseparable rule of all the company’s cultural videos. Doing the opposite will destroy the purpose of your game! After all, your company is as good as the people who work for it – a unique set of people united and working towards the same goal.

  1. be creative!

Maybe “fun” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about corporate videos … but it should! Balancing a sincere and funny tone will keep your video in the public’s mind.

Some companies prefer an overtly dramatic and serious video about their company’s history and values, but most seem strange. The most interesting pieces are those that give an idea of   what a normal day at the office is like – with all the jokes and peculiarities that come from within!

Promote the completed section

When you’re done with the final editing of your video, it’s time for your audience to watch!

Of course, the first thing you will want to do is a post on social media, especially where your company has a large presence, and on business-oriented platforms like LinkedIn. You can even create a shorter version of the video and upload it originally to increase engagement.

Corporate culture videos have long been used as an aid in recruiting new employees. If your company is proud of its work culture, there is no better way than a video to show this to your B2B customers. With the top five tips outlined in this article, you should be ready to make your piece.

Remember: people trust people. It’s that simple.