Five Tips for Enhancing the B2B Customer Experience to Generate More Sales

You may think that the lowest prices or the most exclusive product are the keys to success when competing in the B2B market. But another important factor, the customer experience, cannot be ignored.

Even if you have the cheapest options or offer an item on-demand, a bad experience can drive customers away and send them to competitors.

Here are five tips for improving the customer experience in your B2B business.

  1. Analyze your current condition

While you may be tempted to dive in and rethink the whole approach, you are getting nowhere. Your efforts must be based on accurate data. Spend your time researching your customer base: your needs, your irritations, and your behavior. You can do this in several ways:

  • View sales records. Find out what your customers are spending money on. Pay special attention to repeated sales.
  • Request your customer base directly. Submit surveys and see what answers you get.
  • Analyze industry statistics. Make sure that what you offer is adequate for what is needed.
  • Monitor your online store. Use Google Analytics to see how your site is performing and for which products.
  • Talk to your sales representatives. Find out how they are most commonly called.
  1. Use omnichannel strategies

By increasing the number of platforms available to your company, you increase the likelihood that customers will reach the sales funnel, the process of turning browsers into buyers.

Unfortunately, many companies fall into the trap of being accessible on many platforms but are unable to make connections between them, which can be confusing and make it more difficult for customers to place orders or subscriptions.

  1. Customize the customer experience

Converting new leads into buyers is important, but it also needs to be maintained. Small changes can have a big impact; they can encourage customer loyalty and keep you coming back instead of looking elsewhere. It can also be translated into several references and thus increase your customer base.

Here are some simple things to get you started:

  • One-click subscription – allows customers to easily renew or extend a subscription, rather than treating them as a new customer.
  • Personalized offers: customize your email marketing based on how your customers use your product or service. For example, you can offer a temporary free upgrade to a premium offer.
  • Related information: Share e-books, white papers, or other resources related to products used by a customer.
  • Loyalty rewards: discount on a subscription, discount on a related service, or another alternative.
  1. Try new marketing methods

Many B2B companies approach marketing strategies as if they are communicating with other companies. While this is technically true, the person responsible for purchasing from these companies is just that: a person. Buyers are more like standard consumers than we might think and are likely to expect based on their experiences with B2C companies.

  1. Be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Most B2B companies have global customers, which means that customers exist in many different time zones. To ensure that you can be found – at least to a certain extent – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he is very satisfied with the customer.

Technology can help. For example, with a VoIP phone system, you can hire customer service representatives to work around the world. Depending on the time of day, customers are referred to agents who are present and available.

Of course, it is not practical for some companies to have a 24-hour service team, but that does not mean that you cannot provide any means of communication. Having a chatbot or automated scheduling service on your website can make customers happy. These channels can answer questions or assist customers until someone is personally available.