Five Simple Programmatic Strategies to Drive More Leads

For us, B2B marketers, who rely heavily on personal interactions to connect with customers and generate headlines, canceling major events and conferences means not only a loss of financial investment but also a long-term loss of leadership potential that we expected generated by personal obligations.

As personal involvement is disrupted, digital advertising is a way to promote our brands and keep things as close as possible.

But “digital advertising” is a big category that includes many channels.

Still, programmatically it doesn’t have to be complicated. With its ultimate goal in mind (generating more leads, acquiring more customers, increasing sales), programmatic offers almost unlimited scale for campaigns of all sizes that PPC is sometimes unable to deliver.

Here are five strategies to help you manage programmatic ads.

  1. Start a large network

If you are looking for more new customers and don’t have many visitors to your existing website, or if many users are looking for the keywords you want to search for, the first step is to get more website visitors.

This is where programmatic image ads are useful, as they provide a scale that paid search campaigns cannot and offer a better price.

Instead of trying to reach an audience of “vice presidents and senior financial marketers in Chicago and New York,” take a step back. Try to focus on marketing headlines in general. By starting a large network with a screen and then adjusting and adjusting the target parameters over time, you can optimize performance and learn about your next best customer. Because they may not suit the same audience that you thought when you started your campaign.

  1. Use contextual purpose

Once you’ve identified all of the top-performing keywords in your search campaigns, you can use the same keyword list to add contextual targeting to your app campaign.

The most interesting of these is that contextual targeting can reach audiences through a huge network of sites, not just financial sites, as long as the financial content is displayed on those other sites.

  1. Don’t forget about brand safety

Given the recent news, brand safety is likely to be a concern. And there is certainly a way to correct that, especially about contextual targeting.

Contact your ad technology partner to add a whitelist or blacklist to include or exclude specific sites on which you want your ads to appear or not. This allows you to control where your ads appear. This can increase the CPMs you pay, but it is probably an investment that you want to make.

  1. Bring them back

After bringing all the new visitors to your site, it’s time to set up a platform redirect.

Increasing your speed on brand awareness tactics (that’s why programmatic delivery is known) long before a specific promotion or campaign has more retargeting and similar prospecting pools at your disposal when you’re ready to pull the trigger. After they visit your site, you can use the redirect to show them a new set of posts in the hope of getting them back and continuing in the sales funnel.

Our specific retargeting tactics can be simple or advanced, but the key is to keep the conversation going with visitors who are likely to be converted in the future.

  1. Know when to sell and when to help

During the customer journey, there are times when customers need their sales team to answer just one question; and there are other occasions when they just look for strategies, advice, or ideas. Many companies see each interaction as a sales opportunity, but it just isn’t.

You can use educational materials, webinars, and closed content to collect leads and promote programmatic materials to increase visibility. This is at the heart of my company’s B2B inbound marketing strategy and improving our content with programmatic and native rendering has resulted in a 600% increase in requests for us.

But we must keep in mind that sometimes people are just looking for suggestions and don’t want to be attacked by a seller after downloading something from our website.


If you want to expand your customer base, programmatic offers a large scale to reach your target audience through screens and channels.

If you already have paid search for most of your ads, consider using a screen with some of these targeting strategies to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and reduce your cost per acquisition.