Five Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Recession-Proofing Your Brand

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that every company needs a digital presence. The pandemic has sparked an influx of businesses into the digital space, many of which are moving online for the first time.

B2B companies say digital sales interactions are now two to three times more important than before COVID, according to a study by McKinsey Consulting.

In addition to their digital presence, organizations have turned to social media to raise awareness and interest in their products and services.

When companies in all sectors undergo a digital transformation, influencers become a reliable and effective channel for connecting with the public. But why should your company seek partnerships with influencers in the midst of a pandemic and how can it protect your company from a recession?

Here are five reasons to include influencers in your marketing strategy now.

  1. Staying in front of your audience is mandatory

If the economy suffers, it may be tempting to cut your advertising spend; after all, every penny counts if you want to keep your head above water. Companies that strategically promote and market their businesses during an economic downturn typically outperform and maintain a stronger market position than those that don’t.

Your ads don’t have to be sellers. Many people who deal with financial issues do not want to, and difficult language can lead them astray from their product or service. This is where influencers can come in to create value.

Maintaining brand relevance in the midst of uncertainty requires willingness and the ability to adapt quickly. Influences can be strategic partners to help you successfully navigate the digital space, increasing the exposure of your business to keep it in the minds of customers.

Customers want to better understand what your company is doing to stay safe, how you changed procedures, and what you are doing to help others. They want to make sure they can do business with you.

Consider partnering with influencers to focus on your philanthropic efforts or to emphasize how safe your customers feel when interacting with you.

  1. Social media is where your audience is during a socially distant pandemic

The question about advertising is not whether we should do it, but it is true. And where do people spend most of their time now? On the social networks.

The use of social media platforms has exploded across all sectors. In 2020, the use of Facebook and Instagram increased by 40% and the LinkedIn user base increased: active sessions increased by 26%. TikTok has also gained fame and will be the most downloaded app of 2020.

In short, networking opportunities now take place online.

Working with influencers can make it easier to instantly position your company in front of the right customers, at the right time, as they browse your feeds. It can also play an important role in helping brands unfamiliar with social media to make space for themselves.

Influences help to promote a sense of community. So, focus on building relationships and planting seeds for future sales. Approach social sales as a leading promotional strategy.

Depending on where your ideal audience is, Facebook and LinkedIn Lives are excellent options for hosting virtual chats. Start a series of live broadcasts related to the sector and integrate influencers as hosts or guests to increase the visibility of your brand, expand the digital reach of your event and reach new audiences.

  1. Influences can determine the mood of your message

When there is a crisis, people often have different needs. The audience that used to focus on comfort may become more price-oriented. Different demographic groups face new and different challenges: as a result of the pandemic, parents are simultaneously struggling with the stress of caring for and caring for their children and people of all ages face loneliness, fear, and fear.

Do you know how your audience is feeling? Do you know what your desires and preferences are? Ask yourself how your company can contribute and become an ally.

Once you understand your customers and their situation better, you can adjust your messages and offers. You want to be present and focused on what’s going on and show stability in the midst of uncertainty.

Influence marketing can help you to be authentic. Use their feedback to create your campaigns and customize your overall message to your preference.

  1. Every dollar counts, even to your potential buyers

As the pandemic continues, your customers are likely to keep an eye on their finances and try to make every dollar worth it. They are less likely to make impulse purchases and are more likely to be social proof before making a purchase decision. Seeing your favorite and most trusted influencers talking about the companies they do business with can be an incentive to close the sale.

A call to emotion is just as important as a call to practical activities. In partnership with influencers, you can personalize your story and show the story-based side of your product to your potential customers; that way, even if they’re on a tight budget and need to prioritize spending, you’ve created a connection to stay at the top of the list.

To keep your current and potential customers engaged, you need to maintain a constant flow of influencer content promoting your products and services. Now you have the opportunity to maximize your efficiency, as financial considerations make other brands give up their space in the market and the rates of the most influential brands are cheaper.

  1. Prioritize now, but be prepared for the following

To survive the economic impact of the pandemic, marketers will transform their organizations and drive long-term growth. Interrupting communication with your target group harms the brand experience.

A total of 60% of brands that “go dark” during a recession have at least one important brand status related to customer engagement. Build a sustainable brand preference, serving your target audience at various points of contact and delivering value where it is essential.

Those who market the benefits of influencer marketing and invest their resources now will increase their share of the vote, which will have a positive impact on their long-term market share.