Exciting App ideas for iOS and Android Mobile Phones

The landscape of mobile app ideas changes every year. Despite the global challenges faced by application developers and marketers, mobile app downloads will exceed $ 208.2 billion in 2022, compared to $ 194 billion in 2018. It doesn’t look like it will stop there.

Let’s face it, times are getting tougher for mobile app developers. A Gartner report estimates that only 0.01% of mobile app ideas achieved financial success in 2018, despite the total number of app downloads increasing 10.6% between 2017 and 2018.

Smartphones have entered our lives more deeply than we ever thought. An average cell phone user has about 25-30 applications on their phone. Companies, small businesses, and even corporations have realized the potential of a successful mobile marketing campaign. As a developer, you’re always under pressure to design and implement a mobile app idea that keeps your customer ahead of the curve.

Now the competition is fierce at the moment. With nearly 5 million apps in Google and Apple stores, an innovative app idea is becoming the biggest hurdle for app developers and entrepreneurs.

Are there any good ideas for mobile apps you haven’t worked on yet?

We will solve this mystery for you, as the following ideas not only encourage downloads, but also retention. We go beyond some of the ideas we have and we also pave the way for innovation, marketing, and user retention.

mobile app ideas are definitely going viral

An application idea is more versatile than you usually think. Applications can be based on the needs of the audience or the need can be created. For example, for Uber users, a backup app is mandatory, but conversely, PUBG is a game app for which the need was created.

Make sure you identify your target audience before you sit down to build an idea. Now that we’re leaving you, here are the top 16 app ideas that can help a business generate more revenue.

1) Application for virtual interior design

A virtual interior design app can help you decorate and furnish your room and provide the best possible options and solutions through virtual visualizations. All you need to do is take a picture of your room and the app can add curtains, furniture, decorations, and other suitable devices using augmented reality. This app can help you visualize your room and allow you to virtually change the colors of the walls, try inserting lights, curtains, furniture, etc.

2) Application for disaster applications

Some places are prone to increase seismic activity, tornadoes, blizzards, or more. An application that can detect environmental activities in real-time can help users to withdraw long before their lives are in danger. This automated app can tell users what they can do to save themselves.

3) Apps for the elderly

We demand special attention and care as we age and the elderly gradually become a broad category of app users. As a result, an app that can help them plan their daily activities, remind them of their medicine and energy bills, or simplify their food orders can make their lives easier.

4) Application to the personal budget

The budget allows us to allocate our finances efficiently and ensure that we have enough money for essential and important goods and services. An application that tracks how our monthly salary and expenses are spent can help us plan our personal budget and conduct our financial activities responsibly. It can be designed so that we can set our daily spending limit and send reminders based on that.

5) Shopping navigation app

We often get lost in a commercial complex or mall that we have visited for years. The struggle to find that specific store among a series of others can be similar to coming out of a complicated maze. It is frustrating and a big waste of time. Therefore, an application that allows us to easily browse malls and stores. It should be designed to make navigation easier, provide accurate purchasing guidance, minimize unnecessary effort and save time.

6) Event organizer application

Organizing an event seems like an easy task, but it is not and requires a lot of work. That is why an application that makes event planning perfect and perfect is a necessity today. The application can be designed to simplify event planning for meetings of any size and allow users to create activities for the event with deadlines and times. It should also help us develop schedules, compile to-do lists, manage vendor and guest lists, and track the event on our smartphone.

7) Exchange of exchange applications

Before money was invented, people exchanged services and goods for other services and goods. Today, the old practice is back, with much more sophisticated techniques to suit commerce, such as online auctions and foreign exchange markets. Therefore, an application that can act as a platform that allows exchange processes between users who wish to exchange different things, such as clothes, fashion accessories, office supplies, electronic devices, tools, books, toys, etc. it is still relevant and the need of the hour. It can help you buy an item you really need in exchange for an item you no longer need.

8) Restaurant reservation request

The average wait time to get a table for a visit to the restaurant is approximately 23-30 minutes. While waiting times are the leading cause of customer returns, many supermarkets are turning to technology to help them optimize wait times and keep the chaos in check.

The idea of   a restaurant booking an Android app is a great way to save customers time by booking their seats in advance. Customers can view the map and book a table via the mobile app. This not only saves valuable customer time but also allows the cafeteria to better serve customers.

9) Application of tax management

The American people took 6 billion hours to pay taxes. There are many transactions, calculations, and groupings that must be carried out in order not to be punished. Tax management has a perfect use case in all law-abiding countries where users pay taxes.

10) Food delivery app

In the past five years, the number of online food delivery orders has doubled. With 26% of users requesting delivery once a week, the market has enormous potential.

The market is about to receive a smart food ordering app that understands user behavior, makes recommendations, and offers one-click delivery at virtually no cost. Although the competition is fierce in this scenario, the demand for an excellent and very intuitive application idea is also very high.

Tips on innovation, marketing, and retention in the mobile app industry

The way to innovate simple mobile app ideas

Innovation is not rocket science, it is simply ideas that you acquire by looking closely at your environment. Many entrepreneurs have the budget to develop and market applications, but only a few can be creative enough to innovate. The better the innovation, the greater the chances of success.