Email, Content, and SEO: A Marketing Tag-Team for 2021 and Beyond

To enhance your digital marketing game, you need to combine your SEO efforts with email marketing to achieve real, organic reach for your content.

In the age of digital marketing, excellent content marketing, coupled with the latest SEO techniques (which need to keep up with changes in Google and the social media algorithm), is an absolute must. The goal is to ensure that your content reaches your brand’s target audience.

However, the market is saturated with content and everyone is using SEO techniques.

But there is an unlikely “new” way for brands to reach their potential customers and reach the user base: email marketing.

The Sleeper Hit: Email

On average, email users are bombarded with 120 emails a day (according to some surveys, the number is now close to 140), and 57% of users believe that the content they receive is never or rarely useful.

Email marketing grows with an SEO attitude

When using SEO approaches in conjunction with email marketing, you can…

  • Send traffic to your website. Make your email more personal and targeted; think of it as you would. Use the right combination of keywords and SEO methods to get users’ attention and make them understand that this content is relevant to them (which you can do even without the help of an SEO expert). Whether it’s trending articles or a product or service you’re particularly interested in, make it clear what email is about and its benefits.
  • Participate when you are on site. When qualified traffic to your site is driven by relevant keywords and information in your email, it’s time to take action. Send them directly to the website where the information, products, or services you are looking for are located.
  • Improve mobile interaction. When users receive a notification on their phone, they notice. If an email appears with the correct SEO keyword (relevant to their interest), it will likely be opened immediately on your mobile device. Increase traffic to your website. (Make sure your website is easy to use!)

Email marketing and content marketing team

In content marketing, you have fewer allies, better than email marketing. Deliver content with the highest ROI on any marketing channel. By using this combination of content and email, you can…

  • Improve the relationship with the brand and the customer. The people you communicate with via email have chosen to listen to you and pay attention to what you have to say. Meet their expectations by providing relevant and timely content that they want to hear. When done right, the customer will continue to open their e-mail and build a relationship with their brand.
  • Highlight the most important information. Websites often contain a lot of information, and the items you want to highlight get lost in the hustle and bustle. Email marketing allows you to highlight the information you need. It may be a new product or service, or even a major update.
  • Answer your customers’ questions. When problems arise with an item or product, or perhaps customer concerns about an incident or event, a combination of content and email marketing provides answers, guarantees, or simply informs the company’s position on the matter. It will be delivered on time and will increase customer confidence in the business.

In the future

The future of these and other marketing techniques continues to evolve towards more personalization. What users actually click to access is based on personal interests and individual needs. The more appearance, generic or bulk emails are sent, the more hypocritical they seem. Personalization makes the customer feel truly serviced, the feeling that the brand is taking steps to meet their specific needs.