Creating Content? Make Sure You Have These Four Team Members

When creating content, different companies use different methods and tools that work best for them. Ultimately, it is important that content is created and that the team that creates it is committed to pursuing a defined strategy and setting goals.

But what should you consider when hiring or outsourcing a content marketing team to a content marketing agency?

Essential content team members

When building your team, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that one person on your team can fulfill more than one role at the same time. There is no set number of people you need on your content team; you need to consider your business’s resources, skills, and overall goals to find the right place.

  1. Subject matter expert

To educate your industry and add value, you must choose someone in your company as an expert on the subject. This person acts as the face of the company and provides knowledge, advice, and experience to the content team.

This person need not be the most sociable, outgoing, and talkative person in the business; he just needs to be someone totally immersed in the industry and who has a lot of wisdom to share.

  1. Content strategist

The person researches and creates unique content plans. Your daily life includes interviews with subject matter experts, evaluating answers to questions, interesting ways to tell stories, and determining which publications to send to guest posts.

Making decisions and creating the ideal content to support the ultimate goals of lead generation, SEO, and/or innovative leadership requires a lot of planning, research, and creative thinking.

  1. Editor/author

Editing and writing are two different skills; however, if someone is a talented editor, you can count on him to be a regular writer as well. You need someone who can gather the content. And while it is not recommended for the same person to write and edit their own work, it is sometimes necessary.

During the editing process, the content must be reviewed to ensure that it is in line with the strategy; it must also have the correct tone and flow and a good read.

  1. SEO strategist

To ensure that your content gets the online views it needs, you need an SEO strategist. The person works with the team to ensure that the company’s web pages are optimized for search engines. Performs keyword research and technical audits to develop an SEO strategy. (Keyword research for content marketing differs from keyword research on regular websites.)

The SEO strategist on a content marketing team will spend a lot of time answering questions that people ask about a specific topic and researching ways to ensure that your target audience sees the best answers – yours.

The value of outsourcing

Maybe you went through all these things and formed an internal team, but it just didn’t work for your company. Sometimes, time and budget are already guaranteed and current employees are so busy with the other daily tasks that they can’t add anything to content creation.

Create the right team for you

Whether you are outsourcing the creation of your content or building your dream team internally, your content should benefit your business and achieve your goals. While I strongly recommend the above resources as a reference, sectors and service offerings change, but you may need to add resources as your goals and needs change over time.

Finally, you need to hire a designer to create visuals, a project manager to meet deadlines and consistency, or a social media coordinator to distribute the published content effectively.

But start with the needs and see where your goals take you.