Can Your Content Marketing Compete? Trends for a Strong Strategy in 2021 and Beyond

Content marketing is an important part of your company’s presence in the market. In a recent survey, 96% of advertisers said that content marketing is effective for their brands.

From marketing videos that direct visitors to your website to a newsletter that positions you as an innovative leader, this marketing strategy can take many forms and involve numerous tactics.

Infographics and videos are gaining popularity as the public consumes small amounts

General challenges for companies

With audiences eager to participate and seemingly endless delivery methods available, the content marketing landscape is hectic and noisy.

Developing content marketing practices that stand out from the crowd and at the same time meet the needs and demands of the public is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. Objective research and direct communication with your customers are essential for the development of important content and stories that shape perception. Keeping content up to date is another area that companies struggle with.

Trends in content marketing

The video, including tutorials and educational content, continues to triumph in 2019.

The smartphone revolution has also led to another video trend: live streams. Today, anyone with an app and a smartphone can broadcast live videos to followers. With the feel of a behind-the-scenes look, live video helps audiences develop a more intimate connection with your brand and become familiar with your team, products, or mission.

Content tagging in 2019 also gave rise to the art of social sales. As the public increasingly demands personal involvement, social sales offer the opportunity to connect directly with customers and customize content to their specific tastes.

The future of content marketing

While content marketing still depends on the stories you tell and the knowledge of your customers, the new technology promises exciting changes in the way content is delivered.

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home are growing in the market. These voice-activated devices are changing the way we search for content and could become the new search standard. With this trend, companies need to ensure that their content is optimized for voice search and delivery. Think about how a customer can search for content verbally instead of typing – a small change that can make a difference.

How to improve content marketing ROI

To achieve an effective ROI, companies must first collect and analyze data from previous and current campaigns. The data can reveal important information that marketers can use to make changes that improve results.

Interactive content, such as questionnaires and surveys, can also have a major impact on ROI. While the content itself engages customers, this tactic also promises more content to serve them. Interactive content can also provide companies with the ability to collect email addresses from the public.

Finally, your content marketing strategy should include images with all the tactics. Even when creating your blog or podcast, add relevant photos or videos to get your audience’s attention and help with the narrative. As easy-to-use content, visuals can encourage audiences to click on a post or read an article or story in more depth.

Good stories + possible technology = successful content marketing

Content marketing is always about telling unique and meaningful stories, but the best practices for telling them are probably underway. Due to advances in technology and changes in consumer preferences, tactics and delivery methods may vary from year to year.

The best way to continually create great content is to stay in touch with your target audience while collecting data that can make decisions and improve ROI. Combining this with the ability to keep up with new technologies and marketing trends will make your company an expert in content marketing.