Brand Marketing vs. Performance Marketing: Finding the Right Balance

Is brand marketing the forgotten hero? Today, many brands that directly follow consumers have started to develop an obsession with performance marketing, putting the brand in the background. However, prioritizing one strategy over another can lead to significant consequences.

Brand marketing has been the basis of my career. My specialty was to identify real consumer perceptions and use them as a basis for developing inspiring creative commands and, finally, communicating with consumers of major brands. The ability to take advantage of brand marketing and performance became evident to me as social media became popular. And after working with MSN to launch the first online brand, I became addicted to how exciting it was to measure engagement. So, I founded a marketing technology company that uses a company’s data to apply customer information to marketing through real-time marketing channels.

However, the best marketers must understand the art and science of marketing and be able to represent the building blocks of the brand in communicating with consumers across all channels.

The flaws of a distorted focus

We have all seen what happens when the focus is too strong for the brand. For example, some luxury stores maintain a strong focus on aesthetics and art and do not pay equal attention to measurable growth marketing strategies and tactics. We saw beautiful sites with beautiful editorial-style photos, long pages, a lack of content that encourages organic traffic, and web pages that are impossible to navigate.

The idea is that by impressing consumers with aesthetic and creative approaches, they can stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

It is a short-term strategy based on the principle that when someone focuses on the methodological aspects of marketing – the difficult numbers, each conversion, and data point – an emotional connection or a strong brand image and voice becomes almost incomprehensible.

However, an incredible insight is your truth: the WHY behind everything you do. Performance marketing is your plan to be executed – the HOW and WHAT to reveal the truth. You can be optimized for a T and your performance channels can be solid, but without using brand learning, your organization will not achieve growth and success if these two domains are combined.

A recipe for success

Obviously, there are serious costs associated with a company that focuses too much on brands or performance. Marking attempts at the top of the funnel without a clear buying path can affect the conversion; Focusing only on the bottom of the funnel will affect your ability to expand your business in the long run.

The solution is to find the right and subtle balance between the two to achieve the highest level of efficiency and growth.

This means ensuring that brands understand the most concrete and measurable area of   performance marketing and that performance marketers understand that every moment is an opportunity to tell their story and engage with the audience on a more personal and deeper level. Log in.

Also, brand channels are now more measurable than ever. Features like programmatic advertising and media performance can be optimized for the brand through tactics like sequential stories.

To remain competitive in the current scenario, the synthesis of these two areas is essential for companies to truly achieve the growth and success necessary to have a significant and lasting impact.

Ultimately, it is about generating business results; increase market share; and, most importantly, exceeding consumer expectations by creating a strong brand that connects, drives action, and promotes long-term customer loyalty.