A New Type of Customer Connection: The Evolving Role of Print

Communication and connections are important in the best of situations, but it is vital to adjust to a new normality.

As customer expectations evolve, marketing teams are rethinking their plans so that they can adapt to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Think different and make adjustments

If possible, adjust one by one to make the process manageable for your teams and to consume consumers.

In times of change, it is important to stay true to your brand to ensure customer confidence. “A crisis limits people’s ability to capture information in the first few days”, so it is important to continue with communication and marketing as information evolves and time passes1.

Your brand has likely delivered safety messages in the past few months. It is also likely that the tiredness of the message, which refers to a state of exhaustion and tiredness resulting from long exposure to messages with similar themes, has installed itself2. That’s why it’s important to update your safety guidelines in the middle of the public engagement campaign.

Think of your campaign as a marathon, not a race. You can inform customers about updated security policies or vacation promotions, or get excited about a new product line; this is where printing can help get your message across effectively and repeatedly.

Using in-store printed materials or emailing the customer can help keep your message a priority.

Improve connections to keep the customer in mind

People process information differently, so by changing your communication strategy, you can reach more people as they develop information needs and input methods1.

Information retention increases when printing instead of using digital: 87% of studies show that reading comprehension and better performance improve when printing instead of using screens, according to the Journal of Research in Reading3. With new and critical information sent almost daily, you have the opportunity to make your printed messages even more memorable.

However, the idea of   logistics for a continuous communication or marketing campaign may surprise you, especially if the campaign message needs to be updated immediately. If you need to communicate a message across the country or meet a deadline to print in multiple cities, you can bring faster response times and cheaper delivery closer to the need.

Wherever your needs and customers are in the country, print media campaigns can still run smoothly, but you need the right support. You have deadlines and budget requirements, and the right printing specialist should help you find a solution to meet them.

Living up to high standards is worth living

Trust and security with consistent, high-quality print materials should not be overlooked. A lot of time is spent on the words and design of a message, but don’t let the intention fail with poor execution.

Brands are built and maintained consistently, whose color is consistent. Research even shows that “color increases brand awareness by up to 80%” 4. As a marketer, you know the colors of the company’s brand for a reason. In color matching, precision is everything.

If you are printing to different locations with different printers, the colors will not be the same. To get the brand, you need to work with printer experts who use the same equipment across the country. A consistent look helps your brand stand out in your customers’ minds and differentiate you from your competitors.