6 tips to generate more leads with your marketing content

While there’s no magic formula for increasing lead generation, a few simple, straightforward marketing principles can help you increase response to your content. By applying these proven tactics to your content and the materials used to promote it, you can generate more leads.

This article describes how to optimize your content and response marketing so that more people can read, watch, or listen to your content.

Specifically, he provides 6 tips for creating marketing communications that excel at lead generating qualified leads.

1. Give your content an interesting or beneficial title

Boring headlines are one of the biggest mistakes in marketing content used to generate leads. I see a lot in scientific technology when a company is promoting something to scientists or engineers.

A great way to improve your headline is to include a lead. See, for example, the title of the following optogenetics article: Fear of the Dark? Overcoming fear with optogenetics. The benefit is overcoming fear.

2. Try using a problem-based title instead of a solution-based title

I know… I just told you to include advantage in the title. But that’s not the only way to improve the answer. Another way is to put a problem in the title, header, or subject line.

Why? Why are people programmed to respond to problems; this is how our brain works. We are always looking for problems that need to be resolved daily.

3. Limit your readers to a target audience

This is hard. You’ve probably heard of it more than once, even for a single product or service.

Most of the clients I work with struggle to isolate a single audience for a given content. They often think they will lose more potential customers.

But marketing content and text written for an audience work best. Otherwise, you run the risk of writing something nobody likes.

4. Consider putting the resource in the title

By putting the resource you are looking for in the title of your content, you increase the quality of the prompts you generate and attract more attention by specifying who the content is for.

In other words, choose the audience.

Suppose you are writing an article or white paper. In the example of researchers working in clean rooms, just read the title of the white paper: A guide for scientists working in R&D in cleanrooms

5. End a call to action

You might think this particular tip isn’t necessary. It’s 2021 and everyone knows how to insert a CTA at the end of a marketing piece. Right?

You don’t want to worry about writing content and preventing your readers or viewers from taking the next step. To find out what you want them to do after consuming your content and tell them to do it!

6. Aggressive and aggressive promotion of your content

And I mean aggressive.

It’s bizarre how many companies create robust content, tweet a few about it, and then stop. For every important content you create, you need to have a plan to show it to as many potential customers as possible.

Start promoting the piece to your audience (email list, newsletter, website blog, LinkedIn followers, etc.) and ask to share it. Then consider promoting it in industry newsletters, sending out a press release, running an ad campaign on Google or LinkedIn, or distributing it at trade shows. When it comes to reuse, you should always divide and distribute your content in other ways.

You’ve already done the material, so it shouldn’t require a lot of extra work on your part.

In short, to generate more leads with your content…

  • Give your content an interesting, benefit-oriented title.
  • Try using a problem-based title instead of a solutions-based title.
  • Limit the readers of your content to a target audience.
  • Consider putting the function in the title.
  • End a call to action.
  • Aggressively promote and redirect your content.

Follow the tips in this article and you will benefit quickly.