5 Vital Reputation Management Tools

It only takes a few minutes to put your company’s excellent online reputation at risk. You may have had a bad day or weren’t lucky enough to deal with an irritable customer, but it’s almost inevitable that you’ll receive a negative online review at some point in your career.

But as G2 Crowd CMO Adrienne Weissman recently pointed out, the negative reviews aren’t bad. About 70% of Americans read reviews before making a purchase, and those looking for negative reviews tend to be more engaged and 67% make an additional purchase. Furthermore, 68% of people trust a company more than their reviews are a mix of good and bad things.

Of course, the key to getting the most out of a negative review is your response. This means you need to find the ratings (good and bad) as they appear. It’s definitely more social media monitoring than one person can control…

And this is where reputation management tools come into play.

The following five reputation management tools are among the best on the market for list monitoring, influencer discovery, and online review management.

  1. Awario

If you can’t have eyes and ears everywhere at the same time, Awario is the next best option. This software provides uninterrupted keyword tracking across 13 billion web pages, including all major social media platforms. This means you have instant access to the most important conversations about your brand, wherever they happen in the world.

Awario’s starter plan allows you to track 50,000 listings per month and access detailed analytics that helps identify top influencers so you can increase your reach. More reputation robust plans offer additional features, including tracking up to 500,000 ads per month (business plan) and the ability to perform peer and customer analytics (professional + business plan).

Price: from $19 per month.

Free Trial: Yes, you can try the Awario Starter plan for free for 14 days.

  1. Grade.us

Grade.us helps reviews work for you, making it easier for your satisfied customers to find and rate your business. With this software, you can easily leave positive and negative comments on all major, small, and industry-specific review sites.

What sets Grade.us apart is its intuitive ‘review funnel’ system. Most of your satisfied customers won’t leave a comment, but the review funnel encourages more positive feedback, making the review process easy.

The rating funnel discreetly reminds your customers to rate your services on the sites that matter most to you. It guides them every step of the way and allows them to log in to their favorite social media platforms so they don’t have to create a new account for reputation. And if a customer leaves a negative review, you’ll receive instant feedback, giving you a timely response and a second chance to make a good impression.

Price: Starting at $70 per month (or $59 per month with annual billing).

Free Trial: Yes, you can use the agency’s scheduling software (retail value $250 per month) free for 30 days.

  1. Review Trackers

Rating trackers also show all your customer comments in a centralized dashboard. This software automatically tracks over 50 of the top review sites, including Yelp, Google, Facebook, Foursquare, and OpenTable. Best of all, it’s mobile compatible, so you can see your new comments in real-time on any platform.

Like the other platforms listed here, Review Tracker will send you email notifications when your brand is mentioned and will include a variety of reports and analytics to help you improve your brand building in the future. Review Tracker also integrates seamlessly with Hootsuite, making it a suitable solution for the software you already trust.

Price: from $49 per month.

Free Trial: Yes, you can request a demo or get a free trial of the software.

  1. Reputology

Reputology offers a lot of flexibility for the low starting price. One site package includes daily assessment tracking, email alerts, analytics and reporting, responsive support options, and integration with Hootsuite. Upgrading to a multi-site plan provides unlimited users, workflow management tools, personalized alerts, summary reports, and more.

Reputology may be less well known than some of the other software offerings on this list, but it’s ideal for identifying the best engagement points across all major review sites. Comprehensive proofreading and text analysis tracking also help you uncover reasons for praise and complaints, so you can get on with the good work or make necessary changes.

Price: from $25 per month (if billed annually).

Free Trial: Yes, you can schedule a demo or download a free trial.

  1. Yotpo

Yotpo is simultaneously the thinnest and most functional software on this list, depending on the version you choose.

On the one hand, your Lite subscription is simple and allows you to generate review emails and send review requests automatically after purchase. It also allows you to create a customizable product overview widget on your website. This subscription is free.

On the other hand, if you can afford the higher price of your Pro plan, Yotpo offers a wide range of solutions for every aspect of your marketing. On the website, you can view promotional products, star ratings, rating carousels, and rating stamps. You can see responses on social media and email campaigns. You can increase your positive comments about your SEO through Google’s rich snippets and seller rankings. You can even encourage customer retention by commenting on reviews and rewarding loyal customers with coupons.

However, all these extra tools come at a price. The paid version is loaded with features, but the free version is a significantly harder offer than the other software on this list.

Price: Free (Lite) or $399 (Pro)

Free Trial: Yes, Yotpo Lite is free forever, but you can also try free demos for the Pro, Powerhouse +, and Enterprise versions of the software.

Choose the right tool for you

Every minute of every day, your reputation is at stake. Review sites influence consumer behavior daily, and unless you’re superhuman, you may not be able to keep up with every press article that appears on review sites.

Fortunately, management tools can make it easy to search social media for mentions of your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows you to collect all the mentions of your brand, good and bad, in one place, so you never lose touch with what your customers are saying. The tool you choose will depend on your specific needs, so try all the free trials to find the tool that’s right for you.

However, tracking feedback isn’t just about absorbing negative reviews when it comes online. It’s equally important to communicate with your satisfied customers and encourage more positive feedback.

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