5 Keys to Refining Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

The top three goals of an influencer marketing campaign are as follows, according to a summer 2016 report by Altimeter: Improve brand advocacy (94%); increase brand awareness (92%); and reach new target groups (88%).

These are all valid goals that complement your efforts to develop the core and further strengthen your brand as a pillar in our digital age, but they weren’t always easy to achieve.

Keep the following five keys in mind to improve your influencer marketing campaigns and see how your brand is not only meeting but also exceeding your marketing goals.

  1. Have an intimate feeling for your audience

If you plan to invest the time, money, and effort to hire an influencer for your marketing campaigns, make sure they are compatible with the digital paradise.

While you might think the strategy is simple for identifying the “best” influencer for your brand, it might be more helpful to start by looking at your user base to see what kind of followers you have, how they relate to your brand and Interact with one with the other. , and what are your other interests? From there, you will have a better understanding of the type of influencer they are most receptive to.

Dig it deep. Research to really understand your audience and let their activities, comments, and biases guide you to make the most informed and informed choice.

  1. A larger number of followers doesn’t always lead to a better campaign

While a superstar digital influencer with over a million followers can be a blow to your brand, such high numbers don’t automatically contribute to an effective marketing campaign.

If your influencer doesn’t directly match your target audience, or if you need a large budget to hire, the payment may not be as profitable or beneficial as you’d hoped.

  1. Design the campaign with – don’t stop – the influencer

You hire an influencer to increase your brand’s branding goals, which likely means gaining a greater number of social followers and thus increasing your leverage. None of these improvements can be made if your followers (and theirs) sense that your collaborative initiative is coming from a strange, underdeveloped, or dormant place.

Your influencer needs business acumen to maintain a significant following, so make sure your partnership really matches the meaning of the word: don’t try to strictly impose your own agenda; instead, focus on collaboration and active communication to create the ideal work dynamic and marketing campaign.

  1. Be selective when choosing platforms

Not all social media are created equal and not all will necessarily be the ideal platforms to launch your influencer marketing campaigns.

Carefully evaluate your marketing methods to see where your efforts have been most profitable and effective to date and where you may still need some tweaking or a completely revamped strategy.

  1. Use technology to take your campaign to the next level

It goes without saying that all your marketing campaigns – with or without the help of an influencer – should be measured, analyzed, and reconfigured in practice to optimize future initiatives.

In addition to analyzing relevant KPIs, it can be useful to use content aggregation platforms and software to determine the status quo in your niche market, key demographics, top trends, topics, and more. For example, if you are using Facebook as your campaign platform, you will need to implement your conversion tracking software; this allows you to easily augment influencers’ messages and determine the ROI they provide.

* * *

Regardless of your influencer marketing campaign, keep these five keys in mind and you’re ready to achieve digital dominance (and increase profitability) through brand recognition and advocacy.