5 B2B Video Marketing Tips to Lift Sales in 2021

Analysts and researchers have been saying this for years: B2B Video Marketing is the future of content marketing. And in 2021, the prediction is still true.

Marketers across all industries are realizing the potential of video. According to a 2020 survey by Content Marketing Institute, a significant number of 71% of B2B marketers use video in their content strategies.

The numbers can only grow as companies and their customers move to video as their preferred form of entertainment and information.

Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

Video is fast becoming the choice of B2B marketers for several reasons. A recent Wyzowl study found that video in 2021 has many benefits:

  • Average ROI
  • Significantly higher engagement rate than other types of content
  • Increased website traffic
  • Better sales numbers
  • Extra lead generation

These benefits are essential, so start with these five practical B2B video marketing tips that can boost your sales this year.

Five Profitable B2B Video Marketing Tips

1. Keep videos short, engaging, and accurate

B2B organizations often offer complex solutions to complex problems, so it can be challenging to articulate their offerings and benefits clearly and simply, without getting bogged down in technical details. Remember this and keep your video content short, accurate, and focused on the benefits you offer.

In fact, 70% of viewers tend to use videos that are less than two minutes long.

However, you may be tempted to create long videos that fully reflect the complexity and range of features of your product or service. However, you are more likely to capture your audience’s attention if you focus on simplifying your communication.

Keep your videos under two minutes, focusing on your product’s key benefits? Brevity and brevity will help viewers get a clear picture of your video, making it easier to win or encouraging them to take action.

2. Create video case studies

It’s good to show the benefits of a product in an ad, but it’s even better to show how the product helped your users in the real world. You know it and, most importantly, your audience knows it. Case studies are therefore a powerful strategy for B2B video marketing.

By creating a compelling story that shows how your solution solved customer problems, you help viewers see firsthand the power of your product, as well as the benefits of switching from a competitor.

3. Use videos to address buy-in concerns

Getting your audience to buy isn’t easy, and the B2B buying cycle has exploded in recent years, according to a study by Demand Gen Report. This means that companies must do what they can to encourage their audience to make all purchases.

Because videos are often easier to remember and understand than other types of content, they can be the perfect tool to address compliance issues directly.

Perhaps your potential customers are hesitant, for example, because your product doesn’t have a certain function. If so, create a video highlighting how your product can still increase productivity with your current skill list. Or maybe your audience is not satisfied with the asking price. Then create a compelling video that highlights the value you offer over the competition.

Videos can be a versatile option for improving sales, helping customers resolve any issues that are holding them back.

4. Develop tutorials and demo videos

B2B customers cannot waste time with a product that may not meet their needs. You can eliminate that hesitation by developing comprehensive product demos and video tutorials that show your solution in action, teach viewers how to use it, and showcase its unique features.

The advantages of video tutorials are twofold:

  • They can make the purchase process easier for buyers by helping them understand how to use the product before making a purchase, giving them peace of mind, and enabling them to quickly get to work with the purchase.
  • They can help customers see all the features of your product without having to make a purchase and can help them decide before they decide whether or not they want to buy your offering.

By creating tutorials and how-to videos, you can simplify your customers’ shopping journey, ensure a smoother experience, and increase sales.

5. Show off compelling customer integration videos

If B2B integration videos are designed to be viewed after a customer makes a purchase, what does this have to do with increasing sales and increasing profits?

The answer: customer loyalty.

Many companies do their best to gain customers, but a focus on customer retention is essential. Customers who have positive integration experiences are more likely to engage with their business, increasing purchase frequency by over 90% and transaction spend by 60%.

Your integration videos don’t have to be pretty. However, they must be clear, engaging, and useful to your audience, and they must provide all the information they need to quickly adapt your product into their business.

* * *

Video marketing is already one of the most popular B2B content tactics and will continue to grow. It’s powerful and will help you connect even more with your customers, solve problems you might encounter, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Video production can be a daunting process when you get started, but the above five tips in your marketing tools will help you on the right path.