4 Killer Ads Promoting User Generated Content and Why They Work

The best thing about social media is that anyone can be a brand advocate on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Experienced advertisers don’t just get inspiration and insights online; Include user-generated content in your marketing campaigns. Presenting images, videos, or comments from your audience is not just a smart strategy to build engagement with the brand; it is also an effective way to generate income, especially among younger users. In fact, many millennial say that user-generated content informs their purchasing decisions about expensive items such as electronics (59%), cars (54%), appliances (53%), hotels (45%), and travel plans (40%)

How can you harness the power of user-generated content for your social ad campaigns? See how four brands are successfully integrating real people (and animals!) Into their online marketing strategies.

Exploring Canada behaves like a native

When including user-generated content in your ads, you want to make sure that your campaign fits on the social platform on which it appears. An ad that doesn’t match the surrounding native content provides an engaging viewing experience and it’s especially important that it looks natural when advertising on a platform like Instagram, which integrates mobile ads directly into an organic content stream.

Pier 1 shares stories and advice

Your audience should get more out of your ads than a presentation explaining why they should use your products or services. Giving useful tips or telling a funny story is a great way to get attention without overdoing it. User-generated content is a great way to acquire new customers because it provides realistic and relevant advice or comments that facilitate the communication of your audience.

BarkBox Builds on What’s Popular

If you want your social media ads to be well received, it can sometimes be useful to remove a page from content that is already popular. If you’re basing your ads on what you know your audience already loves, follow the advice to create well-received ads. It also ensures that your ads merge with the organic content that surrounds them on social media sites. If a particular meme, trend, or style is right for your brand, it’s worth exploring ways to use it in your advertising campaigns through user-generated content.

BarkBox understands that photos and videos of cats, dogs, and other animals are the bread and butter of social media. After all, it is almost impossible to go a week without a video or image of a cute creature going viral online. BarkBox takes advantage of the excitement of pet photos when it publishes its ad on Instagram about happy dogs receiving their boxes of toys and treats. This Instagram spot delights viewers more than the beautiful pictures of animals they already love; it also proves that real pets (and their owners) love BarkBox. Instead of telling viewers the value of its services, BarkBox allows happy customers’ faces to speak or bark.

Users can talk to Memebox independently

In terms of trusting new customers and encouraging brand loyalty among current users, nothing will be as powerful as the reviews and comments of your company’s biggest fans. People are more likely to trust what others say than what the company says about themselves, so this is a smart way to get comments that are at the center of your ads.

Rather than proclaiming the benefits of its products, the Memebox beauty product delivery service allows real users to experience it in a series of video ads on Facebook. In the ad above, viewers are guided by a user’s experience wearing a face mask sold on the Memebox website. The video shares all the details on how to wear the mask – including real challenges like complicated programs – and finally manages to sell the product because it receives a sincere and sincere thumb from a real person. Using user-generated content, Memebox sells itself in a fair and natural way, which does not discourage the public.