3 Ways to Convert Your YouTube Subscribers into Clients

Video plays an important role in driving consumers’ purchasing decisions: 79% of consumers say they are willing to spend more on a product after watching a social media video about the product, Gen. Video found. Therefore, using your YouTube channel can be a perfect option to increase your sales and convert Your YouTube Subscribers into Clients. At the same time, you may have trouble converting your subscribers into customers.

In this article, you’ll learn three ways to convert your YouTube subscribers into clients.

  1. Create customer-testimonial videos

People trust others: 89% of consumers say that lithium testimonials are the most effective type of content. Make the most of regularly producing customer testimonial videos and sharing them with your YouTube subscribers.

Letting your customers or clients know this will give you credibility. Show potential customers proof that those who chose your brand can benefit from your decision. When your subscribers see testimonial videos, they trust your brand more and are closer to buying.

In other words, customer testimonial videos are a way of providing social proof through YouTube. FreshBooks is doing a great job. He regularly shares videos with customers explaining how FreshBooks has helped them in their business.

  1. Show your product in action

Another great way to convince your subscribers is to show them your product in action, used by customers. These types of videos provide your viewers with a better overview of how your product can be used. And instead of trying to sell the product, they will “sell” a story and an experience, encouraging their subscribers to try your product or service.

This type of video differs from customer testimonials in that it uses visual narratives instead of stories narrated by customers. IBM effectively demonstrates how IBM Watson works by creating short videos that tell the story of “Watson at Work”. These stories help viewers understand the use of products in a fun way.

  1. Publish educational videos

You can also use your YouTube channel to provide your audience with educational content relevant to your industry. The video can be anything from videos to product statements and tutorials that can help you achieve a specific result with your product.

When you sell a service, you can post educational videos to guide viewers on specific topics. This will demonstrate your skill and experience, which can force subscribers to subscribe to your service.

The purpose of educational videos on your YouTube channel is to ensure that you add value to your subscribers, which is the key to turning them into loyal fans and, ultimately, converting them into paying customers.

In the case of instructional videos for the products, show how the product works or how to perform certain operations with the product. This approach is especially useful for more complex products; some potential customers may want to learn their role before investing in it.

When people understand your product better, they better understand how valuable it can be to them. And that may be enough to get them to make a purchase.

Don’t forget the basics

The tips in this article can help you turn your YouTube subscribers into customers. However, you still need to keep the basics in mind, like adding a clear call to action at the end of the video and asking subscribers to take the desired action.

You should also add easy access to a relevant landing page to drive conversions. You can include a link in the description and name it in your call to action. Or you can include the link in the form of a CTA button at the end of the video. You can also do both so that subscribers can easily access the link.