3 New Facebook Ad Structures to Boost Your ROI

When planning Facebook campaigns, I noticed new features that Facebook recently introduced. Curious, I decided to check it out… and here’s the lesson: these features are definitely worth a try! This will make life easier for Facebook advertisers.

  1. Proof of division

Split testing is the same as A / B. Facebook tests your campaigns based on the parameters you choose. You can also test three variants, like the A/B/C test; however, you can only test one variable at a time. The system creates a different audience and runs the campaign.

  1. Customer LTV

The Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) feature is another cool feature that you should definitely explore. Facebook recently added this option to the audience section. To understand the feature, you need to be aware of the “Like” audience on Facebook.

To create a similar audience, upload a customer list and Facebook will find a list of people who match your audience. Using the LTV feature, Facebook helps you find the audience most likely to respond to your ad and grow your business.

  1. Full-Screen Experience

Another feature is Canvas Full Screen, a mobile experience. You can create your own layout for better engagement.

Checking the “Add Full Screen” checkbox expands the field to include the template for choosing an image, video, etc. All models are optimized for different operational objectives: obtaining new leads, selling the product, presenting business, etc. There is also an advanced template builder, which allows you to customize templates. You can customize the templates you create to provide a better user experience for mobile users.

* * *

I used these three features for my campaigns. This reduced campaign costs and facilitated lead generation. Cost per click has also been reduced and CTR is better than in previous campaigns. I love these tools and hope they are useful too!