3 Content Marketing Strategies E-Commerce Marketers Frequently Miss

Content marketing is also on the rise, after the growth of e-commerce. Content marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing methods and is only suitable for online businesses. Brands that create personal content have the ability to establish closer and closer relationships with their consumers, a valid replacement for the traditional model of a personal relationship with the store’s customer.

Effective content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools for online businesses; has the ability to generate brand value and open channels of communication with customers, as well as the potential to establish and maintain brand loyalty.

  1. Brand message through the packaging

Many e-commerce companies prefer shipping functionality – such as ensuring that your product reaches the customer in the most efficient and intact manner. This is undeniably important, but it often means that the aesthetics of the packaging can be neglected or hastily viewed as an afterthought.

Remember that packaging can be the first and only physical point of contact with the customer. It is also offered to customers when they are most receptive to your brand

Involve the customer, even more, ask for feedback and make the instructions clear; Not only does it encourage constructive complaints or opinions to share with you privately – and not disseminated on online review sites – but it is also valuable for developing your product and developing customer testimonials.

  1. Affected emails

Sending automated emails is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers, but a message that sounds like a robot in your inbox can damage the relationship you’ve built so closely with your customer through your shopping experience online. Don’t worry, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that the automated thank you note is appreciated by the customer.

Personalization in marketing is nothing new, but it stands out when you adopt a warm and humane tone in automated emails. Animate your language, speak directly to the customer in a cheerful and comfortable tone and keep the design simple. Using team signatures and photos are great ways to add an extra personal touch and name it.

  1. Talk to influencers

Taking Clueless and Sex and the City shopping bags off the arm may be more appealing to Clueless and Sex and the City than contemporary e-commerce, but this surprising shopping behavior is not out of date – it just switched to digital platforms.

Unpacking your last purchase is great news on Instagram – whether it’s boomerang shoe boxes or hearts floating around mail delivery envelopes, consumers can’t wait to share the excitement of their shopping.

The more impressive the unboxing experience is, the more likely it is to translate well to visual social media, and there are easy ways to increase the surprise factor.

For fashion and lifestyle companies, influencers’ influence is particularly powerful, and getting influence on board is a sneaky way to attract consumers with similar interests to your brand.


For content marketing, it’s worth thinking outside the box (or in the case of packaging!). Content in unexpected places can be an easy way to communicate your brand values, position yourself in a lifestyle market and build relationships with your customers.

Whether you are renewing your packaging, making your robotic email more humane, or making influencers an important part of your marketing strategy, you will find that your content marketing will become more diverse and rich, creating greater sustainability and value relationship with your customers.