13 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Despite the growth of digital tactics, such as social media and blogs, email marketing remains an indispensable channel for any successful content strategy.

  1. Lack of regulation

62% of American consumers respond positively to emails with personalized content, research shows; the numbers are even higher in Europe and Asia. By offering more detailed promotions and discounts, as well as personalized recommendations to help subscribers discover new products, personalization can make a big difference in a company’s sales.

  1. Don’t waste time segmenting your lists

According to studies, marketers who shared their lists had 39% higher open rates, 28% lower unsubscribe rates, 24% better delivery capacity, and higher overall revenues. Also, targeted campaigns receive almost 15% more openings and 60% more clicks than non-targeted campaigns.

Therefore, separate subscribers based on the variables of your target audience that can best serve your business:

  • Geographical area
  • Basic demographic data (for example, gender, age, job title)
  • Email engagement (for example, open and click)
  • Behavior of the website
  • previous purchases
  1. Don’t use automatic email to your advantage

Depending on your industry and brand goals, you can set up automated emails to remind online shoppers of items left in their abandoned shopping carts, contact subscribers who haven’t recently purchased anything, or even just e-mail recipients. -mail that just subscribed to your list, receive.

Take time to think about how your brand can better take advantage of automated email marketing automation, track and configure your emails.

  1. Forget to review the assessments

How often do you analyze and report openings, clicks, etc.? Regardless of when you provide an update, check the details after sending each email. See how many vacancies it received, which links were clicked, if it was sent to someone, etc.

  1. Forget cell phone users

Do you track your email marketing campaigns on mobile devices? 69% of unsuitable mobile emails are deleted, so obviously this is important!

Make sure that messages are easy to read, that images load correctly, and that all videos are compatible, so mobile users can process and respond to your messages quickly and easily.

  1. Lacking consistency

Do you have an email marketing program in which you participate? You must! Sending e-mails regularly increases the chance that recipients will remember that they originally signed your e-mails. Also, make sure that your content is also consistent. When they know what to expect, readers will be interested in opening your email to find your latest coupon, tip, or news.

  1. Super communication

Yes, your subscribers have chosen to follow you for a reason; but if you send emails too often, you will be taken out or your emails will be marked as spam. When setting up your email marketing program, consider why your readers may be interested in receiving your messages, and be careful not to overload the program with too many distributions showing up too often.

  1. Inconsistent trademark

While many email marketing platforms offer templates for you to use, it is important to at least partially customize the design for your brand. In addition to adding your logo, you should also choose colors and fonts to match the rest of your brand. Think of ways to inspire your business personality to apply for a job.

  1. Drilling object lines

How much time do you spend on the subject of your email? The title must be attractive, intriguing, and relevant to attract attention. Add personality and enthusiasm, but avoid click baits that can cause you to be flagged as spam.

  1. Ignore the sample text

Some email platforms will automatically fill this area, but if you can, we recommend that you customize it. Simple autocomplete is a missed opportunity to attract extra attention and encourage the recipient to open your message.

  1. with lots of information

What is the purpose of your email? Before you start formulating the message, have a clear goal in mind and be true to it. Be careful not to create an email for so long that the recipient has to browse indefinitely. Keep the text short (3 to 4 lines at a time) and make scanning easier. Share text with attractive and relevant images or videos to support your main message as well.

  1. Leave the steering wheel behind

Do you always create new content when creating an email for your subscribers? Instead of driving other content you’ve already created, use your email marketing campaign. Share your latest blog post or new video you created. Promote a competition on social media.

  1. Looks like a lot of salespeople

Yes, you want to increase your revenue and sales, but this is not the best way to do this if you have a used car salesman in your email. Include your brand’s personality in the email, add humor or facts and be as genuine as possible in every message you send.

* * *

Email marketing is a great way to reach consumers.