10 Shortcuts to Gathering High-Quality Whitepaper Content

10 Easy Ways to Get Whitepaper Content

  1. Blog it first

You have ideas, but you don’t have much time to write a full article. Instead, sketch the article and then write a blog post for each chapter in the white paper. Collect posts and change your path to a role.

  1. Maintain an innovative leader

Ask the interview questions, but consider them as part of a white paper. Then record the interview and turn the transcript into a white paper. For a richer article, you can interview 3 to 5 opinion leaders on the same topic and include many interesting quotes.

  1. Write a webinar

It is often much easier to get an innovative leader in a webinar or podcast than to be interviewed for a white paper. Then, make your webinars or podcasts perform better and turn them into white papers. If it’s a webinar, you already have the presentation and excellent transcript content. You can even use this approach as part of your normal content process – turn any webinar or podcast into a white paper.

  1. Sit down with the sale

Your salespeople or pre-sales specialists answer the most frequently asked questions of many potential customers. Buy lunch for your representative and keep up to date with the most frequently asked questions; you will find that in the first phase of the sale you have a great white paper.

  1. Participate in the product

You probably have product-focused employees – engineers, product managers, or product marketers – who talk to customers about the product. Often, they can focus on what is wrong; I hope they’ve also heard your part about it: things like favorite features in your product or instances where the product saved the day. Capture these positive interactions and you will have a wonderful article about the main features/benefits of your product.

  1. Research with your audience

No, I’m not talking about asking for white paper ideas. Instead, work with the product team to turn a list of product ideas from the product list into a way to inform and communicate with customers. Create a simple survey for readers to evaluate the ideas and publish them in your newspaper. This means that you can create an interactive white paper that informs intentions and customers about existing assets and discusses valuable additions. You can send the results to subscribers as an excellent follow-up. It also provides the product with a priority roadmap. A total victory for everyone!

  1. Contact support

A good item in the sales cycle can be found by searching for media content. Look for questions related to the process (like “How can I do this to help my business?”) And find good answers that prove you can do this with your product today.

  1. Deepen the implementation

Most purchases considered have an implementation team working with customers to understand and install the product. Find out what the most common implementation issues and issues are and make it a great asset in the final sales phase to help potential customers overcome their fear of implementation.

  1. Get interviewed

If you have a service component for your business, there is a lot of great content waiting to be selected. View case studies, concrete examples of how your product was used to solve a problem, common problems encountered by customers, and more. Many service organizations report their engagement with the customer, so you can find out what you need without charging billable work time.

  1. Attend a conference

Or better yet, send a super client to a conference and ask him to discuss the matter with you. They will love to pay for it and you will get more authentic content written by colleagues. Ask them to write a blog post about each important session and then compile the posts for a white paper. And, of course, blogs can promote the entire newspaper.