Unocoin Partners with CleverTap to provide its users with omnichannel customer experiences

CleverTap, the modern integrated loyalty cloud, today announced that it is partnering with Unocoin, India’s first cryptocurrency exchange, to optimize user engagement, accelerate user engagement and deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Through this partnership and the integration of CleverTap’s solution into their app, Unocoin can now better understand user behavior and create segments based on user activity, demographics, and other metrics. Unocoin can also create hyper-personalized campaigns to engage your audience across multiple channels with precise communication at the right time.

“As a platform that helps people with cryptocurrency investments, we need to be aware of the exact needs of our users. Understanding a customer’s behavior in our app becomes essential as it helps us to have a personalized experience.” As cryptocurrencies are often at an early stage, providing accurate communication becomes even more important,” said Suhas SK, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Unocoin Technologies Private Limited.

CleverTap allows Unocoin to track in-app activity, in-app purchases, and repeat users. Unocoin will also be able to personalize the customer’s user experience using real-time behavioral data with accurate predictive recommendations, leading to engagement opportunities based on the exact needs of each user.

“We are excited to partner with Unocoin on their journey to make cryptocurrency easy for everyone. With CleverTap Retention Cloud, Unocoin will personalize each investor’s experience. Unocoin will be able to grow and provide its customers with exactly what they need,” said Vikrant Chowdhary, Chief Growth Officer at CleverTap.