ZeroSum Launches Auto Stream: The World’s First High-Performance AI OTT/CTV-Based Advertising Platform for Auto Dealers and Marketers

ZeroSum, a leading provider of automotive marketing automation software, data, and services, has launched Auto-Stream, a unique platform that uses real-time data to help dealerships and dealerships move away from traditional TV over-the-top advertising (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) to increase automated sales faster and reduce advertising costs.

For many auto dealers looking to move to OTT and CTV, barriers like OEM branding standards, long lead times, and expensive manufacturing make it difficult to do this effectively. Equipped with ZeroSum’s comprehensive inventory database, its active customer audience, and vehicle identification number (VIN) assignment, Auto-Stream eliminates these barriers, all at the touch of a button.

The platform allows users to launch new campaigns in less than 24 hours by integrating a dealership’s real-time vehicle inventory to create, target, and serve VIN-specific ads. Real estate technology eliminates the high cost of production by using artificial intelligence (AI) to create individual ads with built-in assembler branding templates for each VIN in stock. Auto-Stream targets active car buyers that are in the market to buy vehicles that are already at dealerships.

For car dealers, Auto-Stream lets you connect with market buyers, maximizing coverage without the cost of the traditional TV ad production. The platform helps retailers reduce budget spending and align with the buying behavior of current shoppers in their specific market, enabling them to fill their sales funnel with qualified shoppers faster and at a lower cost. Dealers can now link media money directly to the units transferred, leading to better traceability and better use of marketing spending.

For agencies and automotive group partners, the platform is a high-volume business product that provides real-time reporting and access to an exclusive automotive audience and premium OTT / CTV inventory without the need for any advertising, video production, or advertising platform minimal demand (DSP) because the technology can work with any budget.

“We believe that what Auto-Stream has to offer is truly a step forward,” said Nick Dionne, vice president of product and marketing at ZeroSum. “The ability to quickly and easily create smart, customizable, inventory-powered creative options allows our customers to optimize their marketing in ways never before possible.”

The debut of Auto-Stream follows the launch of MarketAI’s ZeroSum, the industry’s first AI-based marketing platform, earlier this year. The MarketAI platform is now used by thousands of retailers across the country and stores hundreds of millions of VINs and related data, allowing retailers to use the cross-platform advertising system to specifically target active shoppers. The MarketAI platform can be combined with social media, digital rendering, search and automated streaming to improve performance.

About ZeroSum

ZeroSum is a leader in software, marketing, and data. Powered by its SaaS platform, MarketAI, ZeroSum simplifies and modernizes automotive marketing, leveraging artificial intelligence, data, and scalability to acquire new customers. ZeroSum is the first and only company to combine consumer demand with real-time automotive data.