Why are high performance websites crucial for SEO?

Search engine optimization is one of the most important subdomains in digital marketing where organisations try to get visitors from search engine ranking pages to their website. The most vague approach by businesses is to just post content on their website, create backlinks of it and expect to rank number one on the targeted keywords. However the reality is that search engines consider a lot of factors in ranking a web page such as website’s loading speed, responsiveness for mobile device compliance, good user experience, rich snippets, keyword frequency in content, interest of visitors in content and then comes in the turn for backlinks and domain authority.

Why SEO is Mandatory for Websites? 

SEO requires continuous efforts everyday due to 3 major factors. First is search engines rank the latest content on top most position at first and later on adjust the rankings according to other parameters. The second issue is changes in google’s algorithm bi-yearly which has the tendency to suppress the rankings of all web pages of a website. The third is your competitors who are creating better content to outbeat your website.

We need to understand that a business can put in limited efforts on content marketing and backlinking, depending on their budget. The above mentioned factors are continuously vanishing the results derived from their previously made efforts so the high performance websites, customizations and rich snippet integration to ramp up the performance of complete websites. In one of our previous experiences we have seen web pages jump up from 3rd page of google search to 1st page in a day after deploying a faster version of the website.

The initial journey of SEO can be done placidly with content management systems initially but later on comes the saturation point where to procure more traffic either we have to increase workforce or add more integrations. These integrations are very costly on a content management system for a website with huge user traffic that’s why such businesses should build their custom websites and get access over source code. To do so they can outsource the project to a software development company, hire developers from an offshore company or hire their own in house developers.

One more factor that contributes in converting leads to customers is user experience which can only be improved with tracking user behaviour, user feedback and testing new UI improvements done on the basis of suggestions. The same journey is followed with any new functionality built after users demanded it via feedback.

The above mentioned points suggest the conclusion that high performance websites and technical teams can help businesses to derive exponential growth in traffic if the SEO and technical team work hand in hand.