VIZIO Rushes Advertising Technology Investments, Enlarges Team to Meet Growing Demand for Direct-to-Device Advertising Experiences

VIZIO Rushes Advertising Technology Investments, Enlarges Team to Meet Growing Demand for Direct-to-Device Advertising Experiences

VIZIO today announced the expansion of its direct-to-device advertising business to meet the growing demands of advertisers and further drive its growth as a streaming-focused, data-driven media company.

The latest additions to VIZIO’s in-house ad technology team are experts and engineers from across the industry, such as Vice President of Product Management Oscar “Oz” Lang, former Head of Product for Adobe’s Cloud Advertising Business, and Vice President of Product Engineering. Ben Sullins, former senior vice president of engineering at SpotX. Other new members of the VIZIO Ads technology team have recently joined WarnerMedia, Comcast, Discovery, Magnite, Vevo Ads, and other leading companies.

To accommodate this growing team, VIZIO recently expanded its presence with the opening of its technology innovation center in Denver, Colorado, in December. The new Denver office is home to 140 VIZIO engineers and technology experts focused on innovating VIZIO’s software, advertising products, and entertainment ecosystem. VIZIO’s advertising and innovation team now number more than 400, working together to drive the future of television from offices in key markets across the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Denver.

The large team will focus on product innovation, planning, segmentation, measurement, and development for the entire VIZIO Ads product line using Inscape’s VIZIO Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology. Inscape provides unparalleled delivery data from over 18.6 million devices, giving brands and agencies greater transparency, accuracy, relevance, control, and attribution that connect ad purchases to business outcomes.

VIZIO Ads’ product range includes True Incremental Reach, Universal Frequency Control, and Household Connect, the omnichannel offering that helps marketers increase audience reach for campaigns across devices. The first stop for millions of Smart TV homes, the VIZIO home screen simplifies the search and discovery process for viewers, offering marketers unique opportunities to reach those viewers with voice ads and creative brand messaging.

Rudnick continued, “Consumers are rapidly migrating to the Smart TV experience, and because we own the hardware, software, and data, we can innovate in ways others cannot. With constant pressure on the Platform+ side of our business. , what a better personalization and engagement feature with SmartCast, fuels our interest in brands, advertisers and content partners to work with VIZIO.”

VIZIO Ads’ exclusive direct-to-device offer doubled the number of participating exclusive brands last year and tripled average revenue per advertiser. Additionally, VIZIO Ads’ initial commitments for 2022 were over $100 million, a fourfold increase from 2021, including company-wide purchases across six major agencies and several broad categories of traditional TV advertising. , such as automotive, insurance and retail.

More About VIZIO Ads

VIZIO Ads was created to provide consumers and brands with a more relevant advertising experience. VIZIO Ads offers premium, addressable ad inventory across WatchFree+, SmartCast, and popular TV apps, allowing advertisers to reach new audiences with relevant messages at the right time. VIZIO Ads offers its customers personalized service, application-level transparency, and screen-level authentication to ensure brands can confidently invest in one of the largest smart TV areas in the United States.