VidMob has agreed to acquire Chiligum to add creative automation to its smart creative platform

VidMob, the world’s leading platform for smart creativity, today announced the acquisition of Chiligum, an advertising technology company that automates aspects of creative production to deliver personalized and dynamic ads at scale. With the addition of Chiligum, VidMob provides the first complete stack of creative operations solutions for marketers who want large-scale creativity while preserving brand quality and best practices. Chiligum’s creative automation technology helps teams close the gap between what creative resource teams can produce and what their media plans and digital experience demand, leveraging VidMob’s creative AI analytics, product line, and Agile Creative Studio brand management and the global network of talented creators.

Creative optimization is a largely untapped opportunity for brands looking to improve ad performance and bottom line. Creative agility is especially critical for marketers running digital campaigns with unique audiences and a wide variety of ad formats. VidMob technology empowers brands to understand the impact of messaging and creativity on ad campaign performance and provides real-time insights that can be implemented by creative teams. With Chiligum, ads can be instantly monitored and personalized, which is especially valuable for brands with large product catalogs, dynamic pricing, and promotional needs, or the desire to deliver personalized ads.

With the addition of Chiligum, VidMob customers can easily:

• Scale ad production faster: Quickly build the best-performing ad versions 90% faster

• Customize ads at scale: Update ads automatically with real-time data feeds

• Publish Anywhere: Easily publish to all major social media and digital platforms

• Global creative empowerment: content identification for different geographic, cultural and business contexts

“VidMob’s data-driven approach to creative performance is perfect for our business,” said Deborah Folloni, CEO and Founder of Chiligum. “VidMob has the most comprehensive solution to support smart creative operations and together we will help marketers remove creative bottlenecks, deliver high-quality creative products that are smart, brand-compliant, and can support business cases. Dynamic use and personalization”.

About Chiligum

Chiligum is a leading advertising technology company based in São Paulo, Brazil, helping marketers create large-scale advertising content with automation solutions. Founded in 2015 by Forbes 30 Under 30, winner of the Deborah Folloni award, Chiligum has run more than 7 million ads for global brands. More recently, the company was presented as one of the 100 startups to help Brazil as one of the most promising and innovative companies in 2020.

About VidMob

VidMob is the world’s leading platform for smart creatives that provides an end-to-end solution to help brands improve their marketing results by combining creativity and data. VidMob is the only company in the world to receive a Certified Creative Marketing Partner seal from all major social and digital platforms. A portion of every dollar VidMob receives is used to fund pro bono creative services for non-profit organizations through 501(c)(3) VidMob Gives. Most recently, the company was named Inc. The magazine’s 2020 Best Places to Work list and VidMob received Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Creative Intelligence Technology Innovation Award.