VideoAmp and VIZIO announce a renewed partnership

VideoAmp and VIZIO have announced a new agreement to support VideoAmp’s on-screen measurement and currency solution. VideoAmp maintains and continues to use VIZIO’s Inscape Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data from more than 18 million VIZIO-enabled smart TVs for TV advertising planning, measurement, and sales. The newly extended relationship, which expires at the end of 2021, now runs through the end of 2025 with the VideoAmp renewal option.

Inscape is a VIZIO business unit that generates original viewing data from millions of Smart TVs and is the largest optional Smart TV viewing data source on the market. VideoAmp maintains a unique position with the renewed partnership, bringing VIZIO data directly into VideoAmp’s combined TV viewing area. The VideoAmp TV dataset is one of the largest combined, deduplicated, and enriched Set-Top Box (STB) and Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) TV exposure datasets in the industry, covering more than 24 million homes and 35 million devices. VideoAmp makes this TV dataset interoperable across video streaming platforms, wall gardens, and digital editors with its cross-screen measurement method.

VideoAmp’s continued use of VIZIO data will support VideoAmp’s recently announced monetary programs with five of the top six advertising companies, along with its recently announced monetary partnership with ViacomCBS. With both buy-side and sell-side adoption, VideoAmp’s metering capabilities are now considered some of the best for a multi-monitor currency option in the industry.

VideoAmp has invested heavily in developing a privacy-enhancing framework, using predictive algorithms, a reliable methodology, and the industry’s most reliable, high-quality TV viewing data to measure and measure the impressions delivered across channels.

About VideoAmp

VideoAmp is a software and Data Company that is creating a more advanced data-driven advertising ecosystem that is redefining the way media is valued, bought, and sold.

The VideoAmp platform provides measurement and optimization tools that bring audiences together across a variety of traditional TV, video streaming, and digital media systems. VideoAmp unlocks new value for those currently working with an isolated view of their audience, delivering industry-wide efficiencies.

VideoAmp is transforming a millennial industry, enabling more efficient value exchange that results in a higher return on investment for advertisers, greater revenue for publishers, and an improved viewing experience for consumers.

Information about VIZIO

Our mission at VIZIO Holding Corp. was founded and is headquartered in Orange County, California. (NYSE: VIZIO) aims to provide immersive entertainment and immersive lifestyle improvements that make our products the centerpiece of the connected home. We drive the future of TVs through our integrated next-generation Smart TV platform and powerful SmartCast™ system. We also offer a portfolio of innovative soundbars that provide consumers with a superior sound experience. Our platform gives content providers more ways to distribute their content and advertisers more tools to dynamically target and serve ads.