TV advertising jammed slighter during the 2nd wave

TV advertising volumes grew again in the period January to June ’21, with strong growth of 21% from January 19th and 43% from January to June ’20…

According to TAM AdEx’s Mid-Year Review of Television Advertising, ad volume decreased 15% from January to June 20 from January 19, with the main reason being the Covid pandemic. TV advertising volume grew again in January-June ’21, with strong growth of 21% from January 19th and 43% from January to June ’20. Mar’21 and Mar’20 recorded the highest volume of TV advertising. In the first half of the 20th century, TV advertising volumes fell on June 20, with a strong 41 percent increase from May 20th. In the month of June 21, the volume of television advertising decreased 8% compared to May 21.

Despite the strong increase in TV advertising volume in the January-June ’21 period, the number of advertisers and brands remained lower than in the first half of period 19. The advertising volume in the January-June ’21 period followed by personal care with a 20 percent share, which in addition on January 20, June. The top three sectors together accounted for 52% of advertising volumes, placing them in the top three as of January-20th as well.

The soap category maintained its leadership from January to June 21, with a 5% share in advertising. Bathroom or floor cleaners rose 4 positions to 2nd position, replacing com media, entertainment, and social media. Categories for Education and Soft Drinks Ecom was a new entrant to the list of top 10 categories. The bathroom or floor cleaner category saw the biggest increase in ad volume, with a double increase, followed by milk-based beverages, which grew 69% in the January-June 21 period compared to January-June 20. In terms of percentage growth, the category presents the highest percentage growth among the top 10, that is, five times in the period January-June ’21.

THEY were at the top in January-June 21, followed by Reckitt. The top 10 advertisers together added 43% of ad volumes. The first 6 brands are from Reckitt Benckiser and contributed 6% to the advertising volume in the period from January to June ’21. More than 3,000 exclusive advertisers and more than 5,000 exclusive brands were advertised on January-June 21 compared to January-June 20. Whitehat Education Technology and Harpic Power Plus 10x Max Clean were the main advertisers and exclusive brands, respectively, in January-June ’21.

In January-June ’21, the news genre peaked at 28% of ad volumes, followed by GEC with almost the same share. All of the top 5 genres saw an increase in ad volume from January 21st to June 20th compared to the period January 20th, with music being 82% higher. Regional and national channels registered 56% and 44% of the advertising volume, respectively, in the period from January to June 21st. Toppr Technologies and Aachi Masala Foods were the top exclusive advertisers on national and regional channels from January to June ’21.