Trendline Interactive and LeadMD Form Shift Paradigm

Trendline Interactive, a digital marketing and consulting company, and LeadMD, a Trendline company, announced their partnership with the Shift Paradigm brand. After a series of strategic acquisitions, most recently with Data Insight Group (DiG) in February of this year and LeadMD in March, Trendline Interactive has focused on bringing together the best teams to help clients break silos and engage buyers. To be avoided in B2B and B2C. – Market models. Dubbed the Paradigm of Change, this unification signifies the coherence of a five-year acquisition roadmap designed to build on each organization’s strengths and the company’s commitment to solving unseen problems that impede revenue growth.

Advancing as a paradigm shift, the agency will continue to provide in-depth knowledge and proven best practices in designing and implementing go-to-market strategies for B2C and B2B organizations with even more data, analysis, and complete resources finish the run. Shift Paradigm’s services provide modern solutions that reverse traditional approaches and drive measurable business results by leveraging the best sales and marketing technologies, including the following Platinum partners:

Paradigm Shift + Adobe

“For more than a decade, we’ve relied on LeadMD consultants to deliver an award-winning experience to our mutual customers,” said Tony Sanders, senior director of partner sales America at Adobe. “Together, we are transforming the marketing and business departments, generating impactful growth for our customers. With Shift Paradigm’s extensive capabilities in data, analytics, delivery, and management, our collaborative customers can expand and improve their ability to build teams based on data privacy requirements, while maintaining a direct focus on ensuring marketing-driven revenue growth for your organization. ”

Change Paradigm + Deviation

“We know that attracting shoppers with the right experience at the right time is critical to the success of our sales and marketing teams and, more importantly, to fostering customer relationships,” said Elias Torres, CTO, and co-founder of Drift. “In our partnership with Shift Paradigm, we help collaborative customers talk about what their buyers want and need when they need it. It’s not about putting a bot on a page; it’s about deeply understanding your buyer and creating experiences that build trust.”

Paradigm Shift + Thealium

“Often there are quality and connectivity issues that impede growth,” said Ted Purcell, director of sales at Tealium. “In our partnership with Shift Paradigm, our collaborative customers are truly on the move to create world-class real-time experiences for their customers. With Shift Paradigm’s broad capabilities, we see an opportunity to deliver more achievable results for our clients. ”

On December 1st, Shift Paradigm will launch a series of educational webinars for modern marketers called The Invisible Problem Solution Series. Each webinar will focus on a common request from a high-level executive that will inevitably lead to an unseen problem. Shift Paradigm discusses with its partners how to first identify the problem and then determine if technology is the solution. These unresolved issues are common and Shift Paradigm knows what they are and how to fix them.

In the paradigm of change

Shift Paradigm, a consulting firm that functions as a desk, represents an end-to-end shift in the way organizations adapt to growth. As a pioneer in email marketing and marketing automation, helping thousands of organizations deploy marketing technology platforms, we know technology alone cannot grow your business. Often a paradigm shift in the way we work is needed.