TransUnion’s $3.1 billion deal to acquire Neustar may be the advertising industry’s most intriguing acquisition of 2021

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Email marketers eagerly await Apple’s latest software update, iOS 15, with even more privacy features that can further confuse advertisers. It includes a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection, which prevents emails from using tracking pixels, making it harder to track open rates. The official countdown has already started: Apple announced this week that iOS 15 will be released from Monday.

What is Neu Pussycat?

The thematic story of the digital advertising industry is currently shifting from individual users due to the disappearance of cookies and stricter online privacy regulations.

On the surface, TransUnion’s $3.1 billion deal to acquire the data company Neustar is going against the grain.

Matt Spiegel, Executive Vice President of Marketing Solutions at TransUnion and Head of Vertical Media at TransUnion, told me the deal will improve the company’s ability to create identity profiles, help marketers understand their customers, and provide segmentation and precise “tools” can real-time, real-time.

It’s an evolution of how TransUnion has long partnered with financial services companies on targeted marketing acquisition campaigns, using credit score data, for example, to help credit card companies send direct mail to consumers. Neustar claims to obtain 2 billion records a month from offline sources such as market research data, loyalty cards, and dashboards to verify national data in the United States. (Spiegel said that TransUnion did not use highly regulated credit data in its marketing solutions, but the experience helped the company keep sensitive data “extremely secure”.)

Why should advertisers notice this particular acquisition? Matt Barash, senior vice president of business development at Zeotap, a customer data platform, told me that the agreement with Neustar has elevated TransUnion to a leadership position in the so-called identity space.

“Over the past two years they’ve shown they can build a compilation and now they have by far the most attractive market position in terms of identity,” says TransUnion’s BarUs. “In a crowded category in the United States, they are now leading the conversation.”