Starburst Doubles Little Lad Viral Ad With TikTok Contest

Starburst is undoubted as surprised as anyone that his crazy “bus station” ad for his Berries & Creme fragrance went viral in 2021, but that’s the nature of TikTok and its user base. By hosting a raffle on the platform, the Mars Wrigley brand can become interested in the song, dance, and character of Little Lad from the original ad, used by TikTokers to play with her anachronistic hairstyles and clothing.

Offering a Little Lad costume is a timely reward as consumers prepare for Halloween. After the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, limited activities like partying and cuddling, the holidays are expected to return in full this year, despite the spread of the delta variant. According to a National Retail Federation survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, consumer spending on Halloween-related items is expected to peak at $3 billion in revenue.

With consumers hoping to buy so much candy for Halloween, this month is crucial for Starburst. The Mars Wrigley brand recently promoted self-sufficiency with an All Pink 30-day challenge calendar and partnered with Nutrabolt on a Starburst flavored C4 energy drink. These efforts and Little Lad’s costume offerings are tied to Starburst’s positive and fun image.

“As part of a company that prides itself on delivering better moments and more smiles, we are thrilled to announce Starburst Berries and Creme, more than a decade later, still cheering fans,” said Justin Hollyn-Taub. The United States, he said. Mars Wrigley said in a press release.

Several brands have tried to capitalize on the viral interest in TikTok to engage younger consumers who have switched to the platform. Most notably, Ocean Spray teamed up with TikTok creator Nathan Apodaca last year after a video went viral in which he dubbed Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” drinking from a bottle of Cran-Raspberry Ocean Spray. . Arby’s and Chevrolet also turned viral moments into marketing efforts.