Reebok builds on a brand new direction in its latest campaign

Reebok is on a quest to rediscover himself as he prepares for his divorce from Adidas.

The brand hired creative vice president Kerby Jean-Raymond in September of last year, and both Jean-Raymond and senior director of marketing and creative design Jide Osifeso are working on a new vision for the company.

In Reebok’s latest shorts,

the brand tackles internal consumer monologues with a story that questions everything from “do these shoes fit my feet” to “where do my feet end and the earth begin?” According to the company, it is an acknowledgment that the customers’ minds can go from bottom to level in the same minute.

“I’ve noticed a lot of branded songs and shows that focus on addressing big, serious topics. There’s room for that, of course. But here we wanted the opportunity to interact with people on a more personal level, recognizing that our thoughts, they are all valid, no matter how important or insignificant they are,” Osifeso said in a statement, “will lead to a sense of calm and optimism. “

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Reebok received his name primarily from the women’s aerobic movement but removed those origins when he gained popularity and became sports generally. With Adidas, the goal was to focus on the fitness market, but President Matt O’Toole told Retail Dive earlier this year that he wants Reebok to refocus on the female consumer.

With the new ownership, Reebok has the potential to expand again into new categories, and Authentic Brands noted in August that it will maintain the company’s presence “in the retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels.” However, the brand still has a long way to go to regain its place in consumers’ lives and its unique place at the top of the sports brand ranking.

“The Reebok has to be a real Reebok,” O’Toole told Retail Dive earlier this year. “Over time this is certainly possible. But it is a gradual process and we need to build a lot now.”