RD&X Network launches ReBid World’s first unified AI platform for advertising and marketing automation for marketers and agencies

RD&X Network launches ReBid World's first unified AI platform for advertising and marketing automation for marketers and agencies

ReBid is the world’s first AI marketing and ad automation platform, ready for the cookie-free world, and uses proprietary AI-based algorithms that MadTech (MarTech + AdTech) uses to simplify digital marketing. ReBid has unified workflows, data unification, and real-time automated reporting. This equates to an immediate 40% resource savings and translates to an incremental return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 30%.

ReBid’s multiple partner integrations in advertising, marketing, data management, and more serve an unprecedented 98% of the global digital media audience.

ReBid has won major clients in the SEA, Middle East, and the US, driving business growth by 200% since the beginning of the year.

ReBid offers several benefits and features, including:

  • Access to ad enablement and reporting features in integrations such as Search and Display (Google Ads), Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads), Programmatic (Display Video 360 and more), Ad Server (Campaign Manager 360), Analytics (Google Analytics)) and more
  • Fully automated one-click reporting from 20+ predefined report templates
  • CXO view control screens with key information about placement, creativity, device, and keyword performance
  • Real-time monitoring of real-time campaign CPI and pacing status
  • Optimize live campaigns across 15 platforms with one click
  • AI tips on bidding, budget, pacing, and more in campaigns and media plans
  • Integrate and convert third-party data into identifiers before activation on major programmatic platforms
  • Programmatic log-level access and analysis and built-in programmatic data
  • Create and enrich a customer journey across users and web applications and automate the entire marketing workflow

ReBid is an enterprise-grade platform certified with the highest global data security and compliance certifications such as SOC2, ISO 27001, and AVG.

ReBid also has a free subscription version that digital marketers can try.