New Apprenticeship and Effective Spend Formalize Partnership to Bring Tech Careers to Talent in Underrepresented Communities

New Apprenticeship, a federally registered technology internship program, and Effective Spend, an Austin-based digital marketing agency, formalize their partnership after a successful collaboration since 2018. NEW and Effective Spending creates technology-focused opportunities for sub candidates -represented with a passion for digital marketing. . The partnership will work to address the current technology workforce shortage and skills gap to provide a pool of qualified candidates suitable for industry positions.

Effective Spend’s experience has been instrumental in providing innovative leadership to students in NEW programs. Through peer education and curriculum design, NEW Effective used Spend’s digital marketing expertise to equip current and alumni students with the technology skills they need to succeed in early-career roles Apprenticeship. NEW’s curriculum creation process provides personalized training and ensures students acquire all the skills they need to succeed in their specific roles. Effective spending has already benefited from the NEW “learn while you earn” learning model. The company currently employs several talented individuals who started as apprentices in the NOVO program and have achieved career success.

In a recent survey by WILEY, the global research and education organization, nearly 70% of American workplaces recognize the lack of diversity in their businesses. NEW and Effective Spending is aware of the urgent need for diversity in technology and seeks to open doors for underrepresented candidates through higher education and training.

Both companies are experiencing significant growth and will use that momentum to achieve their goals. NEW recently closed $2.5 million in seed funding led by the ECMC Group’s Education Impact Fund to expand its workforce and reach, and Effective Spend recently purchased 20,000 square feet of new office space to house its strength. of growing work.

“Effective Spend was an early adopter of the learning movement. I especially believe in its commitment to training and building supportive communities for its employees.

It’s really exciting to deepen our relationship with them and support their goals of creating a level playing field for emerging digital marketing leaders as they continue to grow. – Jermaine Malcom, Head of Growth Partnerships at NEW.

Effective spending will get more interns specializing in digital marketing and digital content. The creative designer strategist will combine digital design and data analytics to provide clients with top-notch performance-oriented strategy and creativity. Individuals selected for the Digital Marketing Specialist (PPC) and Digital Content Specialist (SEO) roles in Apprenticeship receive in-depth training in PPC or SEO, depending on their team while working directly with clients to drive traffic to the dispatch and increase the increase of high-quality web conversions. The roles will work with a team of experts to learn industry best practices and master the technology tools and analytics skills that have helped Effective Spend deliver superior digital marketing services to its client’s Apprenticeship.

NEW and effective releases include a rewarding partnership driven by aligned missions, a belief in continuous education and training, and consistent goals for the technology industry.

About New Apprenticeship

Founded in San Antonio, Texas in 2016, New Apprenticeship works with employers across the country to change lives and bridge the gap between what schools can teach and just experience. In January 2022, NEW will launch an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Learning to continue to deliver talent to employers who need a skilled, flexible, and future-ready workforce. NEW’s experience-based performance training and learning system equip talent with the skills they need to accelerate their careers and empower employers with highly skilled and productive talent, creating future technology leaders.