NBCUniversal elevates iSpot to advertising currency in Nielsen scam

As the advertising industry looks to move beyond legacy systems that are struggling to adapt to the current era, NBCUniversal (NBCU) set out, to map the future of measurement at the One22 developer conference, including currency conversion use it for advertising. Mall.

In a blow to Nielsen, the long-time dominant ad currency, the media conglomerate announced that it will activate iSpot.tv’s cross-platform audience as the currency for home ad purchases at this year’s Upfront, said Kelly Abcarian, deputy CEO of Measurement and Impact on NBCU Advertising and Partnerships. Comscore will be the currency to buy local ads.

“Time is running out. By 2024, the currency our industry uses today, the one our industry has used for decades, will completely disappear,” Abcarian said in a prepared commentary, referring to Nielsen’s plans to launch its platform. Gift. “We’ll all have to start over. So let’s choose to start over now.”

While NBCU went to great lengths not to name Nielsen, the company is expected to still be a part of the opening season due to existing contracts. Still, the NBCU move is the latest to herald a future after Nielsen. In addition to augmenting its newly chosen measurement partner, the company has listed eight additional certifications as part of its certified measurement program that will assist in public measurement and auditing. Comscore, DoubleVerify, IAS, Oracle Advertising, Innovid, Conviva, and Comcast’s Freewheel will join iSpot as partners as the company aims to build an interoperable currency ecosystem that handles views, ad serving, audience verification, and catalogs.

By introducing and naming a select group of partners, NBCU also continued to swing with Disney, working with nearly 100 vendors to address customer needs. In the company’s recent Tech & Data Showcase, Disney CEO Lisa Valentino said the company was “not in the scorecard business”.

“While some might call it a ‘scorecard’, it’s a roadmap for the future,” Abcarian said at NBCU’s One22 event. “Talk to your purchasing teams. Talk to your GMOs. Ask yourself if you’re measuring what’s important to your business.”

Together, the One22 conference announcements are NBCU’s next steps to modernize media and advertising in the streaming age, which will continue its Upfront in May and beyond.

“Even if behavior changes, whether it’s mobile, social or the metaverse, you still need content and IP that consumers care about,” Linda Yaccarino, president of NBCU’s Global Advertising and Partnerships, said in a prepared commentary. “And there it is: All this great content now has real data to back it up. With identity and primary data, we can finally stop talking about the dashboards of the past and start focusing on a more satisfying future.”