Meta develops the world’s fastest AI supercomputer to power its vision of the metaverse

With a view to a future in today’s theoretical “metaverse”, Meta will need to increase its computing power and systems to allow simultaneous connection in fully immersive digital worlds, as well as requiring more advanced computing power for the next phase of its plans drive in different ways.

Therefore, Meta is developing a new AI Research SuperCluster (RSC), which he believes will become the fastest AI supercomputer in the world when fully built-in in mid-2022.

The advanced system will eventually be able to run at most “5 exaflops of mixed-precision computers”. Which, I have no idea what this means, but in practice, Meta’s new advanced computer system will be able to process large amounts of data, allowing development in a wide variety of applications, with a stage-specific view of your vision of the metaverse.

Unless, of course, Snap and Apple work together, which is my prediction. With the additional computational power of RSC behind it, Meta could still be a long way off, which could be a critical step in connecting our current online experience to the next phase.

Ultimately, Meta’s RSC offers significant benefits in developing new systems for everything from fighting malicious content on your platforms to creating entirely new user experiences. The potential here is enormous, and while it will take some time to see the results of these developments, it will be interesting to see how Meta processes evolve and whether these advanced systems translate into a significant acceleration in their development cycles.