LiveRamp launches improved TV platform

LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform, announced that it has added streaming prediction and data collaboration capabilities to its TV platform. With these additions, LiveRamp TV becomes the first and only side-by-side solution that allows media sellers and advertisers to collaborate, activate and quantify media campaigns in a coordinated manner: linear, streaming, and digital video. Most importantly, the broad TV platform is powered by RampID, LiveRamp’s world-class identity solution, ensuring every touchpoint prioritizes privacy, is secure, sustainable, and scalable.

The television industry is rapidly evolving, driven by the meteoric rise in streaming / connected TV (CTV) audiences, the general fragmentation of viewers, and the demand for more dynamic and accurate measurement solutions. LiveRamp is prepared to address any of these opportunities, offering cloud-based enterprise-class SaaS that is neutral, interoperable, secure, and rooted in identity. The entire ecosystem (programmers, platforms, data providers, brands, and agencies) has a reliable one-stop-shop for smooth, linear inventory planning, targeting, quantification, and side-by-side analysis for better business results.

LiveRamp’s best identity solution gives your TV platform the following key features:

  • Collaboration: Brands and media providers can securely connect cross-screen data, such as ad impressions, to advanced business applications, including closed-loop measurement and collaborative analytics. The platform allows data management for all parties and allows many-to-many collaborations. Accessing more data for new insights takes partnerships like Upfronts to the next level.
  • Enable: Unlock and view personalized cross-screen audiences, including CTV, as part of any media purchase, whether purchased from Upfronts or programmatically for greater accountability.
  • Quantify: Evaluate business results across multiple screens, such as product sales, app installs, and web visits. For buyers and sellers, this means that every dollar spent on advertising is responsible and responsible.

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp is the leading data connection platform for the safe and effective use of data. Powered by industry-leading identity resolution capabilities and an unprecedented network, LiveRamp empowers companies and their partners to better connect, control, and empower data to transform customer experiences and drive more valuable business outcomes. LiveRamp’s fully interoperable and neutral infrastructure provides a comprehensive address for the world’s leading brands, agencies, and publishers.