Google launches GNI Advertising Lab to support small and medium-sized news publishers in India

Google on Tuesday announced the launch of its Google News Initiative Advertising Lab to support small and medium-sized news publishers producing original news for local and regional communities in India. Aimed at publishers with up to 100 members, the program focuses on technical training and team products, as well as technical implementation to increase the organization’s digital advertising revenue, Google said in a blog.

The program selects up to 800 small and medium news publishers and works closely with a selected subgroup to guide them in optimizing/configuring their content management systems, websites, and ad settings, he added.

This program is the latest in a series of programs from the Google News Initiative (BNI) that work directly with news organizations of all sizes to develop new products, programs, and partnerships to help news publishers grow their businesses. Google has noted that the past two years have been a multi-dimensional challenge for people and businesses around the world.

“There has never been such a need for competent and timely journalism, but many news organizations face challenges as the world changes. Newsrooms in this landscape have changed,” he added.

Registration for the new program is open until November 5, 2021.