Google Bans Closely 600 Android Apps, Cites ‘Disruptive Ads’

Android devices are more secure than ever. However, some developers are still starting to launch malicious applications. In a blog post, Google announced that almost 600 apps have been removed from the Play Store after violating malicious ads and banning interstitial policies. Efforts are being made constantly to prevent these applications from entering the Play Store and being distributed on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. All of this is part of the mobile advertising scam, which Google describes as an industry challenge that hurts users and advertisers. BuzzFeed News reports that most applications are aimed at users who speak English, but were originally from Asia. Per Bjorke, Google’s senior product manager for quality ad traffic confirmed more than 4.5 billion installations of these malicious applications. However, he declined to name the applications or their developers.