Excerp raises $5M to launch its online media platform

London-based Excerp is creating a new platform to rock the world of online written content. Online media platforms have created thriving ecosystems for content creators and changed the way content is consumed. However, the most successful media platforms focus on video and visual content, while online written content such as blogs lags. Excerp’s platform provides an intuitive, uncluttered, and engaging home for online written content, helping creators grow audiences and earn money.

Excerp announced that it has acquired a $5 million circle of friends and family, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, led by hedge fund manager Edward Eisler and other Eisler Capital employees.

Alfred Mallol, Majid Sebti, and Joan Cots, three alumni of Goldman Sachs, founded the company in December 2020 after working in technology during the Covid pandemic. Excerp currently has more than 20 employees and will use the funding to accelerate the launch of its platform, which will set a new standard for the production, distribution, and consumption of written content online.

Alfred Mallol, co-founder and CEO of Excerp, said:

“Our mission is to keep each story happening. We want to create a place where people can discover their community, be curious and informed about the world, have fun, and have the power to create. We’ve built the technology and framework to do just that… It’s very difficult for bloggers and content authors to scale and reach their audiences, mainly because existing content management systems like WordPress offer solutions that haven’t progressed in decades. Excerp will revolutionize the world of online content writing and will modernize the experience for creators and consumers alike. ”