Evvnt Inc. and Adams Publishing Group Announce Ticket Sales and Event Marketing Partnership

Evvnt Inc., a leader in event marketing, event detection, and event ticketing, announced the integration of its platform with the Adams Publishing Group.

The integration provides more than 120 Adams digital publications with Evvnt calendar capabilities for local event discovery, ticketing, and event marketing automation, enabling event creators to sell, promote, discover and discuss to 34 million people in communities locations in minutes.

The partnership will also give Adams newspaper and magazine readers access to the calendar in their local print newspaper, where they can purchase tickets directly by scanning a QR code with their phone.

Mark Adams, President/CEO of Adams Publishing Group, said: “Our consumer audiences are actively looking for things to do and opportunities to participate in their local community. They offer a best-in-class platform that unlocks new revenue streams through the promotion of opportunities and tickets, and we can collect consumer data, which helps us to grow our digital subscriber base. “

About the Adams Publishing Group

Since its first acquisition in March 2014, Adams Publishing Group has grown rapidly and has built a portfolio of 30 newspapers, 90 non-newspapers, more than 35 magazines, hundreds of websites, travel publications, and other media-related businesses in 20 states. Adams Publishing Group is committed to providing a high-quality product that makes a positive difference in ingredient longevity.

About Evvnt Inc.

Evvnt Inc. Its mission is to build the infrastructure of opportunity for the Internet. Evvnt allows event creators to participate, manage and promote their events in the Evvnt ecosystem from a single promotion platform. Evvnt Inc. is the industry’s largest event advertising network, serving more than 100 million consumers, more than 250,000 event creators, and more than 5,200 event calendars operating in the United States and 139 countries worldwide.