Digital Advertising: Maybe NFFT is the Future

Since the days of newspaper and radio sound, the idea of Digital Advertising has come a long way. However, advertising has become an integral part of our Internet experience. There’s no getting around digital ads, which range from banners that appear on every online site to pop-up ads that click constantly.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) allow the development of signed representations of digital objects such as images, music, and movies. In addition, tokenized representations of fixed assets can also be created. While NFT has spurred blockchain innovation and adoption across industries, non-replaceable fillable tokens are gaining traction. For example, the advertising industry can now use blockchain technology as a result of NFFT.

NFTs are powered by NFFT technology, which allows you to erase coins. This means you can exchange it for another item at any time. Consequently, NFFT can be seen as a transition from CD-Rw to NFTCD-R.

NFFT is a collection of 9112 blocks that make up the so-called block support and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The rarity of these 15 x 15-pixel blocks determines their value. The block owner can upload the image and add a URL and text description. By purchasing blocks on Blockvese, advertising companies, therefore, offer the opportunity to target their market on the blockchain.

NFFT can be considered a digital signal on the blockchain, where anyone with a message to distribute or promote can post it. Any object, such as a digital signal, can be exchanged for another. Advertisers, on the other hand, outperform physical and digital billboards because they can include a web link in a block that visitors can click to go to another page.

The goal of NFFT is to build a community that embraces everyone and every idea. Therefore, it is ideal for Digital Advertising who want to use diversity in the community to promote different messages and brands.

Some blockchain companies and individuals have already purchased blocks on Blockverse. Blockverse also has block projects like Famous Token, Genesis Shards, and Axie Infinity. The community is expanding and advertisers can use this niche market to expand their products into the blockchain space, with over 70% of blocks already purchased.

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