DanAds partners with AdGreetz

Both companies will gain trusted partner status and strengthen their overall offering to their editorial clients.

DanAds, the world’s leading provider of self-service advertising infrastructure based in Stockholm, today announced its partnership with AdGreetz, the leading advertising/martech technology personalization platform. The partnership will allow DanAds editorial customers to provide a customizable, scalable, blank self-service platform, allowing advertisers to purchase and manage personalized image and video ad campaigns.

As part of the partnership, the two companies will earn “Trusted Partner” status and work together to rediscover the $750 billion marketing industry, making it more transparent, smarter, more personal, active, and profitable. By making the DanAds self-service platform available, AdGreetz enables its customers to seamlessly discuss the video and display ad space, targeting millions of individual consumers with highly personalized and relevant ads.

Istvan Beres, CEO, and co-founder of DanAds said: “We are very excited to be partnering with AdGreetz. By making our self-service platform accessible to a wide range of AdGreetz customers, they can deliver massive advertising campaigns seamlessly and effectively to millions of consumers relevant to each individual. Due to its effectiveness, this style of hyper-personalized advertising is becoming more and more popular, and we want to make it accessible to any brand or company that wants to use it. ”

Eric Frankel, CEO, and co-founder of AdGreetz added: “Many of AdGreetz’s OTT platforms and publisher partners require a self-service white label advertising infrastructure and a customizable platform (like Facebook and Google). DanAds provides this much-needed tool. Along with AdGreetz’s personalization capabilities, the partnership will fill an existing gap in digital advertising.”