Coke partners with Cameo to gift personalized videos from Santa

Coke is shifting its former focus on impersonation even further into the mobile space through a partnership with Cameo that will bring people personalized Christmas video messages during the holiday season. The soft drink brand also says it’s the first time it takes on the Christmas figure – which has been a mainstay of Coca-Cola’s seasonal advertising since the 1920s – makes an “IRL” or real look.

Along with the custom video replay, Saint Nick will be part of a virtual event with the debut of the venue “Chimney”, which plans to host pop-ins from other celebrity guests. The icon will also travel with the Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan, a travel experience where families can receive free prints of the bearded character and savor Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, a more central and newly revamped grocery offering the competitive market for the best drinks for you.

Cameo continued to gain ground among marketers looking to build deeper connections with consumers. The app allows users to pay to request personal videos from a variety of celebrities, influencers, and other public figures, usually for a fee. As COVID-19 disrupted many Hollywood productions and live events, the service was started and some creators achieved a big change simply by sending personalized messages recorded in a DIY style. Cameo paid $75 million to its creators last year.

“Real Magic at Christmas” focuses largely on themes of togetherness, a line that can reverberate amid a pandemic that keeps friends and family away. The “Chimney” commercial, directed by Sam Brown of Rogue Films, portrays a young boy living in an apartment complex inspired by the construction of his fireplace, despite the gloomy atmosphere around him, with isolated neighbors. As more and more people in the building see their projects take shape, they join the action and are rewarded for their teamwork over Christmas with gifts in their temporary kegs.

Upon completion of marketing activities, Coke renewed its partnership structure following a major agency overhaul that began last December. This week, it announced WPP as its new global marketing network partner. He will work with a custom unit of the OpenX ad group, spanning end-to-end creative technology, media, data, and marketing across his portfolio. Dentsu was named a complementary media partner for selected regions, while Publicis Groups and the Interpublic Group of Companies introduced a strategic open source selection that will manage one-third of the beverage giant’s marketing efforts.