Catalina and GSTV Form Strategic Partnership to Measure the Impact of DOOH Ads

Catalina and GSTV, the leading provider of shopping intelligence and omnichannel media, the national video network that attracts and entertains a large audience of tens of thousands of fuel retailers, have formed a strategic partnership to make GSTV an integral part of multiple brands in detail and CPG’s retail media strategies. Catalina will provide the necessary measures to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising on GSTV to help retailers and brands close the measurement loop and maximize the impact of GSTV-specific ads on in-store sales.

GSTV’s digital video platform communicates daily with active and mobile consumers on more than 26,000 fuel sales sites across the United States and connects with over 96 million unique viewers each month. Specifically, GSTV affects the most valuable grocery shoppers with those who stock up before going to the grocery store, spending 2.4 times more on groceries than those who haven’t finished stocking. The data also show that the average GSTV viewer spends up to 3.9 times more on products in stores that are part of the consumer’s journey three hours after visiting the gas station.

Catalina, meanwhile, has strengthened its Digital Out of Home (DOOH) capabilities in recent months, adding them as part of its omnichannel multimedia strategy and leveraging its data insights to support innovative new segmentation and measurement solutions.

In September, Catalina announced that it had aggressively invested in a modular portfolio of products and services under the Catalina Compass umbrella to support retail media networks of all sizes and deliver consumer insights and capabilities. Catalina and GSTV see a promising opportunity to make it an integral part of multiple retailers’ internal and external media strategies.

Reaching the c-store consumer through GSTV is invaluable for brands, not only because of the network’s proven ability to drive sales through c-store but also because c-store customers spend so much more on items ”, said Eric Z. Sherman, EPP of Insights & Analytics on GSTV. Catalina’s Buyer ID Card includes more than 109 million homes and 1.9 billion digital advertising IDs. Its deep shopper intelligence allows Catalina to provide unique audience-level insights, demonstrating that shoppers are making purchases as a direct result of the ads they view.GSTV. “

About Catalina

Catalina is a leader in copper and retail intelligence, TV, radio, and highly targeted digital media that personify the buyer’s journey. Powered by the world’s richest real-time shopper database, Catalina helps retailers, brands and CPG agencies optimize every stage of media planning, execution, and measurement to deliver $6.1 billion in consumer value every year. Catalina has no higher priority than ensuring the privacy and security of the data entrusted to the company and preserving consumer confidence. Catalina has offices in the US, Costa Rica, Europe, and Japan.

About GSTV

GSTV is a national data-based video network that entertains a large audience through tens of thousands of fuel dealers. Reaching one in three US adults a month, GSTV engages on-the-go viewers with full view, audio, and video at a critical point in the consumer journey, and GSTV is the only consolidated and scaled-down digital media platform on the channel convenience and fuel. Analysis of billions of consumer purchases shows that after a fuel transaction, GSTV viewers spend much more on retailers, services, consumer goods, and other sectors. In addition to providing fun and informative content to consumers, GSTV drives immediate action and creates lasting brand impressions, delivering measurable results for the world’s top advertisers.