Brand Tie-ups may constitute 60% of revenue for OTT

Brand partnerships, including display integrations and promotional partnerships, could contribute 55-60% of total revenue to OTT or India’s leading video streaming platforms in the coming years, and say OTT executives and advertising experts.

Since many streaming services do not accept direct or commercial advertising as it is subscription-based, also known as SVoD platforms or video-on-demand platforms, they accept sponsored content where a brand is partially funded by a program.

Influencer display promotions are also carried out in partnership with brands that distribute gift baskets to them. Netflix recently partnered with dating site Tinder, where Tinder users can appear as competitors in a new dating program on the US streaming service.

A streaming platform manager added that the goal of these partnerships, especially for ad-free services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, is not to monetize, but to partner with brands with similar interests and open conversations in more ways interesting things about a movie or series.

Advertising experts say there’s no reason such partnerships can’t emerge as revenue streams in the coming years if OTTs learn to create programs that don’t destroy the content experience and add brand value through “subtle placements.”

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