Backtracks Expands Innovative Offering – Launches Dynamic Client-Side Ad Insertion Capabilities for Podcasts and Audio

Backtracks, the world’s most advanced platform for end-to-end podcasting and audio management, advertising, and analytics, today announced the addition of client-side dynamic ad insertion (CSAI) for audio. This latest offering provides publishers, advertisers, and creators with over-the-top ad serving capabilities of VAST (Video Ad Serving Model, the combined industry standard in digital advertising for audio and video ads) to access various sources servers, and destinations, with accurate measurements and analysis provided by Backtracks’ robust and versatile platform. CSAI’s advancements in audio content and podcasts add even more value to marketers by expanding its contextual and episodic targeting capabilities, the ability to leverage, and the advertising ecosystem built around a short commercial audio-to-video break. It also allows creators to take advantage of increasing demand from advertisers and also has another way to increase creators’ revenue.

This announcement is the first of several innovative Backtracks product launches in early 2022, all aimed at further modernizing the podcasting industry by developing technologies and tools that give advertisers and publishers greater access to the best solution for content, advertising, and audiences. Advertisers’ enthusiasm for podcasting grew rapidly in 2021 as consumer behavior for spoken audio evolved and audiences gradually grew. The IAB expects podcast ad revenue to reach $1 billion in 2021 and double to $2.2 billion by 2023. Backtracks is committed to continuing to serve this growing medium by providing the platform for a more robust infrastructure advanced for advertisers and publishers.

Backtracks’ integrated software platform enables advertisers to find, click and buy podcast ads with confidence and clarity, seamlessly integrating with brands and agencies’ advertising strategies, while leveraging the power of useful, in-depth analytics to get more successful advertising campaigns without collecting and storing personally identifiable information and cookies. Backtracks allow publishers and creators using the Backtracks Player to monetize their content and manage ad placement on shows and episodes in any app, live stream, general audio, or digital radio using IAB-verified statistics and analytics.

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2021 was a year of innovation and milestones in the product landscape for the Backtracks platform to deliver unprecedented value to podcast publishers and advertisers. The company has made advances in technologies including; podcast analytics, podcast attribution and conversion tracking, AI intelligence, machine learning, Backtracks SDK, Backtracks Player and accessibility tools, interactive audio discovery and headphones on Apple AirPods and compatible headphones, measurement certification IAB podcasting platform, and advertising analyst partnered with Google Cloud to enable advertisers to use their analytics View Google Data Studio.

About of Backtracks

Backtracks is the leading technology infrastructure platform for end-to-end podcast management, advertising, and data analytics. Through a product offering of turnkey analytics tools and solutions, the company provides the technology for publishers, brands, and advertisers to gain greater insights to engage, reach and understand their audiences while delivering a superior listening experience to their listeners. Founded in 2016 by engineers Jonathan Gill and Kevin Wright, Backtracks is on a mission to modernize the podcast medium by providing podcasters and advertisers with the tools to measure, discover and monetize their content and data. The company operates thousands of podcasts and audio partners, including Wondery, This American Life, McKinsey & Company, RANE, Samsung, Media House, OECD, The Memphis Grizzlies, and NASA.